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PSL Karting Launches the Mini X-2

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

PSL Karting Launches the Mini X-2

After over a year of development, the time has come to announce our biggest chassis since the RX-28 junior kart. Now we introduce the PSL Mini X-2, built for Mini Max competition in North America. As the 2015 season approaches most manufacturers are rushing to assemble a 1010mm chassis that is competitive, where we’ve already proved with National and Regional championships that we have the machine capable of winning.

At PSL, we are always working close with CRG to develop all our chassis in house to better suit our market, It’s important we are able to meet the demands of our clients and drivers to ensure the receive the best possible package while maintaining a simple tuning philosophy. A typical racing family should be able to operate the PSL Mini X-2 without a costly mechanic. As the rules and regulations change, we must stay ahead of the times and continual testing programs with our top drivers to ensure we obtain the best possible feedback. That’s where we stand out.

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