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PRO Hosts Summer Camp for Karters on the Eve of Canadian Championships

Darryl Timmers in the classroom portion of the PRO Summer Camp at Mosport Kartways (Photo courtesy: PRO)


PRO Hosts Summer Camp for Karters on the Eve of Canadian Championships

Professional Racing Services (PRO) recently held the first of their two karting summer camps at Mosport Kartways to help drivers come to grips with the sport, their karts and engines, and understanding of how it all works. For a couple of regular drivers who race out the PRO race tent, it was also a chance for them to prepare for the upcoming Canadian Karting Championships, which will be held at Mosport on August 23-27.

The camp was held over two days where Curtis Fox and Darryl Timmers, karting veterans and owners of PRO, put 8 drivers and their parents through a number different exercises first off track and then on track.

“The camp is a great time for new karting families as well as those with experience. We love teaching the whole spectrum of karting from on track and in class lessons, to fitness and kart maintenance. It’s so rewarding to see people leave the camp learning so many new skills and have a good time as well.”
-Curtis Fox

Day one featured in class sessions that covered a number of sessions including:

  • Driving Technique – Racing line, kart physics and driver adjustment, relative feedback, head and eye movement, selecting points and planning ahead.
  • Braking – Braking points, braking with rolling speed, threshold braking
  • Passing and competitor evaluation
  • Data analysis for driver instruction and kart/engine dynamics
  • Driver coaching utilizing video analysis
  • Introduction to kart maintenance and track day preparation, racing line and competitor evaluation, chassis tuning, karting physics, kart feel and relative feedback.
  • Note taking and post session methodology
  • Introduction to engine and carb tuning
  • Video and data analysis for beginners
  • Fitness for racing drivers – cardio exercises, plyometrics training, hand eye coordination and reaction time training

On day two, the drivers took what they learned and hit the track under the watchful eye of Darryl and Curtis, garnering feedback and advice along the way. With no other drivers on track for the entire day, the camp attendees were able to maximize their time on track without any obstruction.

“Great camp! Highest density of learning and most helpful andsupportive team we have encountered yet in karting!”
-Douglas Chisholm

Following the Canadian Championships, PRO will host their second and final summer camp session at Mosport Kartways on August 29-30. For those interested in joining the camp, you can contact Darryl or Curtis at or visit

“I enjoy doing this camp because it helps the sport we love so much grow. We help new people coming into the sport as well as people that have been in the sport for years understand the mechanics and physical demand karting has to offer. Our dads work on our karts growing up and we want to pass that on to the next generation of karters. We created this camp with the drivers and mechanics in mind. We enjoy showing people the ins and outs of our sport. I feel that making these seminars and camps for people really helps people understand our sport. Most drivers don’t understand how physically fit you have to be to race. This is why we have made a big part of the camp revolving around fitness training. We don’t just show them works outs we can do but we also get right in there and participate with them. It a great way for the kids to start working together as a team instead of focusing on individual success.” – Darryl Timmers

The summer camp attendees stop on their track walk to pose for a photo. (Courtesy: PRO)

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