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Prior Back on Top as BirelART Dominates Briggs Senior


Prior Back on Top as BirelART Dominates Briggs Senior

Prior Back on Top as BirelART Dominates Briggs Senior

Jordan Prior is now a two-time Canadian Karting Champion after a thrilling National Final.

The race started off with Prior (Prime/BirelART) leading Jon Treadwell (Prime/BirelART) and Nicky Palladino (MSR/Ricciardo Kart) getting away from the pack early but just prior to the halfway point, Treadwell went for the lead and the shuffling slowed the group up enough that the chasing pack featuring David Barnes (Prime/BirelART), Logan Ploder (PRO/CL Kart), Ari Korkodilos (REM/Kosmic), Frank Launi (MSR/BirelART) and Brennan Taylor (BirelART), caught up.

From there, the pack of eight went to war for position. When Treadwell and Palladino hooked up to pass Prior in corner seven, this allowed them to open a small gap, but with a push from his teammate, Prior and Barnes were right back in the race for the lead with Ploder and Korkodilos also in the mix.

Treadwell led lap eleven, Palladino took control on lap twelve and then Prior and Barnes scooted by both of them when they went wheel-to-wheel up the corner two hill on lap thirteen.

That pass attempt ended Treadwell’s chances and he lost all his momentum and lost the draft.

Palladino was back on the charge late in the race and he pulled a slick late dive pass on Barnes in the hairpin to gain second with two laps to go.

But his charge for the lead ended there as Prior defended the lead beautifully and when Palladino attempted an over-under in the final two corners, a little help from Barnes was all Prior needed to seal the deal.

Back on top for the first time since 2019, Prior was the winner while Palladino was knocked off the podium with a pushback bumper penalty. That moved Barnes up to second and Taylor onto the podium after a great final lap.

Taking eight of the top ten finishing positions, BirelART products were the class of the field this weekend in Briggs Senior.

Canadian Karting Championships Briggs Senior Final Results

1Jordan Prior
2David Barnes0.199
3Brennan Taylor0.529
4Frank Launi1.692
5Ari Korkodilos1.961
6Logan Ploder3.130
7Jon Treadwell3.713
8Nicky Palladino5.092
9Alex Murphy10.868
10Maddox Heacock11.387
11Dylan Reny12.352
12Kimi Hongye He25.822
13Nathan Powell26.199
14Aidan Shimbashi26.338
15Ben Leinweber29.419
16Jayden Elphage31.252
17Tyler Barban43.192
18Paul Galecki43.972
19Anthony Quezada44.354
20Caden Drummond44.392
21Alex Drummond55.052
22Christophe La Breque57.173
23Parker Gill2 laps
24Mike De La Plante7 laps
25Matthew WhiteDQ

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