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Prepare for the Canadian Championships in Mont-Tremblant with the Jim Russell Karting Academy

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Prepare for the Canadian Championships in Mont-Tremblant with the Jim Russell Karting Academy

The Jim Russell Karting Academy, located at the Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec is offering drivers of all ages, categories and race teams the opportunity to prepare for this years ASN Canadian National Karting Championships through their very popular driving academy and camp programs.

The programs run all summer long and are led by 3-time Rotax Grand Finals and 2012 Canadian National DD2 Champion Ben Cooper. The packages are tailor made for drivers competing at the Canadian Championships as the coaches work on where the driver needs improvement most.

“We are very flexible at the academy and we can adapt our coaching to the drivers needs, whether their needs be driving techniques, race craft or perfecting the track at Tremblant,” explains Cooper. 

For all drivers looking to get an edge on their competition before Canada’s most prestigious event of the year, the Jim Russell Karting Academy is a must attend.

The Jim Russell Academy is also offering a kart preparation and general maintenance course aimed at fathers who choose to the do wrenching themselves. Cooper came up through the ranks with his father at his side, tuning and preparing his kart and he knows how vital it is for parents to be involved, as well as a great way to save money.

“The reason behind this course is there are a lot of father and son teams that are looking for help and advise. Our goal here at the Academy is to encourage the father and son teams as this is how I started and raced for many years.”

Canada’s National Championship will take place on August 20-24 at the Jim Russell Karting Academy, so there is still plenty of time to prepare. But with the busy schedule this season, it’s never too soon to get on track in Mont-Tremblant and work towards gaining valuable knowledge that can be used all season long.

Sessions for the academy can be secured by contacting the Jim Russell Karting Academy at (819) 429-6867.

For more information about the racing school or to sign up, be sure to email or visit


The beautiful Jim Russell Karting Academy Circuit in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Host of the 2014 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships on August 20-24. (Photo by: cody Schindel/CKN)

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