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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 4 Results


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 4 Results

A typical race day for the Waterloo Regional Kart Club see the racers compete in 2 heat races based on a random starting order generated by the computer timing and scoring system. The starting order for the feature race is based on the combined finishing results from the 2 heat races. A few times a year the club uses a qualifying session to the set the order for a pre-final race, and the pre-final race finish positions dictate the starting order for the final race. Although all of the member enjoy this change of pace it seemed to really agree with those racing in the Novice class.

The Novice class features racers that are between 7 to 11 years of age. The class can include those with a few years of experience to those that are rookies just having started racing this season. When the checkered flag was waived to signal the end of their qualifying session the top 7 karts were less than 1 second apart. The fastest qualifier was Tyson Wassink of Millgrove Ontario. In the pre-final Liam Rhodes from Milton Ontario passed Wassink on the 2nd lap, but Wassink battled back taking the lead on lap 7.

Rhodes came right back and passed back into the lead on the next lap and hung on for the win. In the final Rhodes managed to lead for the first 6 laps but Wassink got past him to take the lead on lap 7. Wassink led the rest of the way to win the feature race.

The race results by class are as follows:

1st Cole Quinton, 2nd Christian Alger, 3rd Joey Woolsey, 4th Jonny Robillard, 5th. William Adams

1st Tyson Wassink, 2nd Liam Rhodes, 3rd Josh Bisschop, 4th Zachary Allison , 5th Keidon Fletcher

Jr. Lite
1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Aaron Turnbull, 3rd Peter Ditner, 4th Carson Nagy, 5th Tyler DiVenanzo

Jr. Heavy
1st Austin Bisschop, 2nd Kaitlin Neely, 3rd, Andrew Whelan 4th Sam Ouimet, 5th Kendra Cassidy

Sr Medium
1st David Miller, 2nd Darren Dryden, 3rd Kenny Rockwell, 4th Tyler Paquette, 5th Jared Gill

1st John Dryden, 2nd Brian Wilkinson, 3rd Gerry Reis, 4th Rich Mizener, 5th Bob Bailey

The WRKC racers are back at Flamboro Speedway Saturday June 14th. Practice starts at 8:00 am. All kart racers that have a valid license from another club are welcome, as our spectators.

For more information please visit our club website at website

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