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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 3 Race Report


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 3 Race Report

By: Brad Buckler/

The place to be for great racing action on most Saturday mornings is Flamboro Speedway, home of the Waterloo Regional Kart Club (WRKC). Saturday June 1st saw another impressive grid of Honda powered karts demonstrating once again why Honda 4 cycle racing is the best bang for your buck in Motorsports. The club has strong support in every class they run. Racers range in age from 7 years of age up to the Masters class who haven’t been 7 for a very long time, in most cases. New racers and any Ontario Kart club members are always welcome at the WRKC.

The race 3 results by class are as follows:

1st Liam Rhodes, 2nd Zachary Allison, 3rd Grace Baillergeon, 4th Quinton Murdoch, 5th Cole Quinton.

1st Tyson Wassink, 2nd Keidon Fletcher, 3rd Madison Colling a, 4th Kyle DaSilva, 5th Luke Pero

Jr. Lite
1st Andrew Whelan, 2nd Hudson Turpin, 3rd Ciarra Collison, 4th Zachary Hooper, 5th Noah Pesant

Jr. Heavy
1st Austin Bisschop, 2nd Tyler Paquette, 3rd Jared Gill, 4th Taylor Wassink, 5th John Ditner

Sr Medium
1st Tristan Gill, 2nd Darren Dryden, 3rd Brandon Hauck, 4th Justin Collison, 5th Tyler Turnbull

1st, John Dryden, 2nd James Woods, 3rd Sandy Murdoch, 4th Rob Howden, 5th Rich Mizener

For more information please visit our club website at website

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