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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 14 Results


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 14 Results

Another season has come to an end for the Waterloo Regional Kart Club on Saturday September 28th. Success can be measured in many ways, competition is an important consideration, the 2013 season saw a number of very close championship points races not being decided until the last 2 races. The club had more than 20 seniors registered for every race day. Many of our race days saw close to 100 or more 4 cycle Honda racers registered. But the most important measure of success was thanks to the dedication and support of the members we were able to allow all registered club members to race the final race of the year for free.

The race day sponsor was Makos Design. Over the last number of years they have supplied the club with many of the driver awards, and hats etc. that the club has provided for our members. They also very graciously donated the 10’ X 10’ canopy that we held a draw for at the flea market. If you require any promotional clothing items, please make sure you give Makos Design a call. They can be reached by calling 905-761-8784, and their email address is

The race results by class are as follows:

1st Zachary Allison, 2nd, Cole Quinton 3rd , Jonny Robillard 4th Quinton Murdoch, 5th Joey Woolsey.

1st Madison Colling, 2nd Liam Rhodes, 3rd Josh Bisschop, 4th Keidon Fletcher, 5th Tyler DiVenanzo

Jr. Lite
1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Hudson Turpin, 3rd Peter Ditner l, 4th Aaron Turnbul, 5th Noah Pesant

Jr. Heavy
1st Tyler Paquette, 2nd John Ditner, 3rd Jordan Howse, 4th Andrew Whelan, 5th Austin Bisschop

Sr Medium
1st Tristan Gill, 2nd Adam Racine, 3rd Darren Dryden, 4th Brock Regan 5th Tyler Turnbull

1st John Dryden, 2nd Gerry Reis, 3rd Brian Wilkinson, 4th Sandy Murdoch, 5th Rich Mizener

For more information please visit our club website at website

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