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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 12 Results


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Race 12 Results

As the season winds down for the Waterloo Regional Kart it is fun to watch the new drivers that were being lapped at the start of the year, fighting their way up through the field. It won’t be long and these drivers will find themselves taking their turn to stand on the podium. The club has only 2 point’s races left in the season, a couple of classes’ are all but decided, but it looks like the others will go right down to the last feature race if the season.

Feature Race Winners:
Cadet A:
1st Luke Pero, 2nd Liam Rhodes, 3rd Keidon Fletcher 4th Sierra Whitney, 5th Kyle Da Silva

Cadet B:
1st Josh Bisschop, 2nd Logan Sopha, 3rd Carson Nagy, 4th Mia Whitney, 5th Karly Colling

1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Alan Turnbull, 3rd Tyson Wassink, 4th Jake Watson, 5th Austin Wadham

Jr. Lite:
1st Austin Bisschop, 2nd Kaitlin Neely, 3rd Brandon Lowry, 4th John Ditner, 5th Wesley Tobin

Jr. Heavy:
1st Tyler Turnbull, 2nd Justin Collison, 3rd Darren Dryden, 4th Kenny Rockwell, 5th Taylor Mantel

Sr. Medium:
1st Tristan Gill 2nd Adam Racine, 3rd Dominique Smith, 4th Jeremy Brutzki, 5th Jamie Riberdy

1st John Dryden, 2nd Sandy Murdock 3rd Gerry Reis, 4thJames Woods, 5th Brian Wilkinson

The Waterloo Regional Kart Club is pleased to be hosting the final round of the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship Series (BSRKC) on Saturday September 8th, and Sunday September 9th. The BSRKC will surely attract the best 4 stroke racers in Ontario to come and race at Flamboro Speedway. There will be open practice on Saturday with qualifying and racing on Sunday. For more information please visit the club’s website at

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