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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Members Love Racing at Night


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Members Love Racing at Night

Our annual night race has become one of our best attended races of the year. Not only did we have well over 100 karts registered for the event but the grandstand was packed with racers, family and friends. The club executive estimated we had over 400 people in attendance. For the second time of the season we ran a qualifying format instead of drawing for starting positions in the heat races. The drivers had the extra challenge of being declared the fastest qualifier to look forward to.
The Fletcher Family on behalf of Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills (CAShh) was our race night sponsor. It is their greatest wish that cancer didn’t hurt people; but until a cure is found, the phone never stops ringing. CAShh will be here for them as they where there for us when we needed them. They are different, Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills is not associated with any cancer organization, nor do they receive any government grants to fund their services. They are entirely dependent on the community’s generosity and support. Their mandate is to help those touched by cancer. Donations to this worthwhile cause are gratefully accepted. The majority of donations go directly to patient programs. More information is available on their website at:

Feature Race Winners:

Cadet A:
Fastest Qualifier: Keidon Fletcher
1st Keidon Fletcher, 2nd Kyle Dasilva, 3rd Josh Bisschop 4th Trevor Robillard, 5th Luke Pero

Fastest Qualifier: Ciarra Collison
1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Jake Watson, 3rd Miranda Gill, 4th Peter Ditner, 5th Kieran Cunningham

Jr. Lite:
Fastest Qualifier: Jordan Howse
1st Andrew Whelan, 2nd Kaitlin Neely, 3rd John Ditner, 4th Austin Bisschop, 5th Wesley Tobin

Jr. Heavy:
Fastest Qualifier: Justin Collison
1st Tyler Turnbull, 2nd Justin Russell, 3rd Darren Dryden Russell, 4th, 5th Kenny Rockwell

Sr. Medium:
Fastest Qualifier: Adam Racine
1st Adam Racine 2nd Tristan Gill, 3rd Brandon Hauck, 4thJoshua Shantz 5th Brock Regan

Fastest Qualifier: John Dryden
1st John Dryden, 2nd Gerry Reis, 3rd Rich Mizener, 4th Michael Grinyer, 5th Brian Wilkinson

The next race for the Waterloo Regional Kart Club will be held on Saturday August 18th.

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