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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club June 18 Report

Club News

PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club June 18 Report

The Waterloo Regional Kart Club was back racing on Saturday June 18th. In addition to the racing the club held our annual picnic. The members enjoyed some great Hamburg’s and Hot Dogs. They would like to thank the Sobey’s in Orangeville Ontario for the lending us their community service barbecue.

Race Day Sponsor – Flamboro Machine Shop

John and Lee Van Wyngaarden have been operating Flamboro Machine Shop Ltd since it’s inception in 1992. The business has expanded over the year to now include a very impressive list of machining and welding equipment. John has over 30 years of experience in the business and with his team of dedicated employees they have developed a reputation for providing superior customer service.

As with any successful business they have expanded their facility as the business has grown. They now occupy 6100 square feet at their shop located at 952 Brock Road, (just across from Flamboro Speedway). The building houses 4 CNC machines, 4 lathes, 2 milling machines and many other state of the art machines.

They strive to expand their knowledge base with every job they do.

Please thank the Van Wyngaarden family for being our race day sponsor. If you require high quality work at a competitive price and on time you can reach them by calling 905-659-0404.

1. Nolan Hofrichter
2. Ty Riopelle
3. Tenley Jackson
4. Kole Slote
5. Tyler Saccomano

1. Ethan Donkers
2. William Adams
3. Joey Woolsey
4. Cole Quinton
5. Jonny Robillard

Jr. Lite
1. Josh Bisschop
2. Kleidon Fletcher
3. Tyson Wassink
4. Nathan Alger
5. Piper Adams

Jr. Heavy
1. Ciarra Collison
2. Aaron Turnbull
3. Madison Colling
4. Peter Ditner
5. Tyler DiVenanzo

Sr. Medium
1. TJ Marshall
2. Darren Dryden
3. Jared Gill

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Andrew Whelen
5. Isaac Marritt

1. Adrian Donkers
2. Brian Wilkinson
3. Dave Mordue
4. Scott Ellwood
5. Trevor McDonald


Photo courtesy: Lisa Black / WRKC


Photo courtesy: Lisa Black / WRKC

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