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PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Corn Roast a success!


PR: Waterloo Regional Kart Club Corn Roast a success!

The hot dry summer has been great for racing but the board of directors was a little worried about finding corn for annual corn roast.  With a little hard work we managed to find the 400 cobs of corn required and the day was another great success. Not only was the corn roast fun but it was also a great day of racing.  With the points battles tight and only a few races left in the 2012 season every position on the race track matters to those with aspirations of being a class champion.  Of course in every class there is another 20 racers that also have championship points to be concerned about.

Feature Race Winners:

Cadet A:

1st Luke Pero, 2nd Keidon Fletcher, 3rd Trevor Robillard 4th Josh Bisschop, 5th Kyle Das Silva


1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Alan Turnbull, 3rd Tyson Wassink, 4th Austin Wadham, 5th Jaden Baillargeon

Jr. Lite:

1st Austin Bisschop, 2nd Kaitlin Neely, 3rd Jordan Howse, 4th Andrew Whelan, 5th Brandon Lowry

Jr. Heavy:

1st Justin Collison, 2nd Tyler Turnbull, 3rd Darren Dryden, 4th Tyler Paquette, 5th Dylan Penney

Sr. Medium:

1st Scott Nagel 2nd Tristan Gill, 3rd TJ Marshall, 4th Brayden Seberras 5th Dominique Smith


1st Bob Bailey, 2nd John Dryden, 3rd Mark Billington, 4th Gerry Reis, 5th Sandy Murdock

The next race for the Waterloo Regional Kart Club will be held on Saturday August 25th.

For more information please visit our club website at website

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