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PR: Ventresca Seberras Racing Continues Driver Development at Palm Beach Karting

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PR: Ventresca Seberras Racing Continues Driver Development at Palm Beach Karting

This past weekend Ventresca Seberras Racing was down south in sunny West Palm Beach for the 3rd and final round of the Florida Winter Tour to close out the winter season of karting before heading back up north for the beginning of what should be a very good season here in Canada.

The week started off very well with nice hot days and beautiful weather as VSR drivers Davide Greco racing in Rotax Senior and Peter Courteau racing in Rotax Masters hit the track. Davide and Peter both improved throughout the week moving into the weekend as they worked on improving their racing lines and working on setting up the chassis for the race weekend on a challenging circuit.

When it came to the weekend part of the event Davide qualified in 18th and Peter qualified in 9th on Friday. On Saturday all of the qualifying heats for our drivers managed to be completed before the heavy rain hit and here is how they stood after the heats, Davide came out sitting in 19th on the grid and Peter came out in 9th for the pre final that was held in treacherous conditions on Saturday afternoon. Davide was able to move up to 15th and bring the kart home in Saturday’s pre final and Peter brought the kart home in 11th.

For Sunday the morning portion of the day was plagued with rain for the 2nd day in a row as our drivers prepared for the final race of the 2016 Florida Winter Tour. Davide went on to have an amazing heat in challenging conditions with lots of standing water around the track and dealing with changing conditions emerging in 11th place to close off a challenging weekend! In Peter’s case the sun was already out when they were sent out on track for their final and while there was still water on the track it started to dry very quickly and it was visible as to how tires started to overheat throughout the field and Peter kept pushing hard through the whole race and emerged in 8th place!

We are very proud of how our drivers performed this weekend and can’t wait to see everyone at the tracks as the Canadian season will get underway shortly!

If you have any inquiries or are interested in a Tony Kart or FA Kart for the 2016 season don’t hesitate to contact us by messaging our Facebook page, sending an email to or calling 519-830-3448 and we’ll be happy to help!


Davide Greco (Photo courtesy: VSR)


Peter Courteau (Photo courtesy: VSR)

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