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PR: VemmeKart Opens Factory Race Team in Italy

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PR: VemmeKart Opens Factory Race Team in Italy

Building upon their success in the North American karting market, VemmeKart is now set to take on the biggest of karting stages. With the manufacturing factory based in Italy, company officials have put a VemmeKart Factory Race Team in place, as they will take part in the WSK Promotions program, Italian Championships and the CIK/FIA European Championships. Now based in Italy, VemmeKart will also offer detailed arrive and drive programs for North American competitors looking to compete abroad.

“As a manufacturer, it is important to have a European presence,” explained Vince Mandarino, Founder of VemmeKart. “Not only will our drivers be able to compete against the best karting teams and competitors in the world, we will also be able to further develop our material in order to provide customers with the best chassis possible.”

With the new VemmeKart Race Team, Vince Mandarino and his staff have put together a European arrive and drive program to offer to North American drivers.

Mandarino continued, “Being based in Italy, we can offer very detailed arrive and drive opportunities to allow competitors to gain access to high profile European karting series. We know the North American karting market well and know that several up and coming karters are looking to compete in Europe. With this program, we are not only making it possible, but making it easier and affordable for them as well.”

The VemmeKart Factory Race Team will see competition at the WSK Promotions program, the Italian Championships and CIK/FIA European Championships.

For more information on VemmeKart and their European karting program, please visit them online at

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