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PR: Superkarts! USA Prize Package Nears $100,000 for SuperNationals XVI


PR: Superkarts! USA Prize Package Nears $100,000 for SuperNationals XVI

Now just two weeks away from the opening day of competition for the SuperNationals XVI presented by MG Tires, Superkarts! USA is pleased to announce the current prize package for this year’s event. The 16th running of the SuperNationals, which is set to take place at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on November 14-18, will cap the third edition of the SKUSA Pro Tour series and will shell out roughly $100,000 in cash and prizes to make the event one of the most lucrative in North America in 2012.

The nearly $100,000 prize package includes cash, contingencies, SKUSA’s ‘Circle of Champions’ program, and numerous products that have been provided by a number of supporting companies. Nearly half of the value that is on the table in Vegas will be actual prize money, as an astounding $42,000 is set to be awarded on SuperSunday. The three ‘Pro’ classes on the schedule – S1, KZ2, and TaG Senior – will see the top-five awarded healthy checks for their accomplishments. The international KZ2 category will once again vie for a total purse of $20,000 – with a stunning $10,000 going to the victor. Both S1 and TaG Senior will be gunning for the $2,000 check that will be provided to the driver standing on the top spot of the podium, and the rest of the top-five in each category will split the balance of the $5,000 class purses. Another $12,000 will be awarded in the SKUSA Pro Tour Points Fund, as the champion in the S1 and TaG Senior categories will leave Vegas with a $3,000 paycheck.  The vice-champion takes home $2,000 while the third place driver in the final standings will be awarded $1,000.  As always, SKUSA’s Patti Kutscher will be providing the winners with the actual checks during the awards presentations on Sunday night – you won’t hear “the checks in the mail” with Superkarts! USA.

In addition to cash for the Pro categories in the SKUSA Pro Tour, each of the eight class champions will be welcomed into the SKUSA ‘Circle of Champions’ program for 2013 – which is worth nearly $24,000. Each class champion will receive complimentary entry packages for the 2013 Pro Tour – including sponsored entries, race tires, and race fuel/oil (valued at almost $3000 each). They will also be given the honor of running the national #1 plate next season in their respective category. The second and third place drivers in the point standings will also be awarded the #2 and #3 plates, should they remain in the class in which they ran in 2012.

A number of companies have stepped up to show their support for the 2012 SKUSA Pro Tour and the SuperNationals XVI presented by MG Tires. Honda Performance Development/HPD will award $6,400 in cash to the top three in the Pro Tour standings contesting the four Stock Moto categories – S1, S2, S4, and S5. Those drivers who follow the contingency program and finish in the top-three in the standings will have a chance to earn a piece of the $1,600 in each class – $750 to the champion, $500 for second and $350 for third. HPD will also award a complete Honda CR125 Engine Kit (un-assembled parts kit) to one of the podium finishers in S2, valued at $2,400.

Oakley has been a long-time supporter of the SKUSA SuperNationals, and they will continue that tradition for 2012. Each of the five podium finishers in each division will be awarded with Oakley eyewear, valued at $6,750. Oakley will also present the one-of-a-kind ‘Leadfoot Award’ to the top qualifier in the KZ2 class, an award that is simply priceless.

Bernard Richard Manufacture (BRM) returns for a third year, continuing their support of the SuperNationals, and will award one-off timepieces to the winners in S4 and TaG Master – valued at $3,000 each. These are absolutely incredible awards that will represent SuperNationals success long into the future.

Capping off the current prize list is a ticket to the Rok Cup International Final. The Pro Tour champion of the TaG Cadet division will receive a ticket to compete at the 2012 event in Italy, thanks to a support package offered by engine manufacturer Vortex.

Although not included in the overall prize total detailed above, SKUSA’s ‘Guaranteed SuperSunday Starting Position Program’ has massive value to those fortunate to be on this year’s list. The program provides a starting spot on the main event grid, regardless of qualifying and heat race success, to the top-three drivers in the Pro Tour points heading into the SuperNationals, as well as every SKUSA regional champion.  There are four classes that will activate this program in its second year: S4, TaG Senior, TaG Junior and TaG Cadet.  Considering the effort and expenses necessary to run the SuperNationals, this reward program is hugely important.  In the S4 class, Eddie Olpin, Curtis Cooksey and Jordon Musser are confirmed a starting position in the main event as they enter the SuperNationals in the top-three of the Pro Tour championship standings. Robert Marks (California), Jet Davis (Mountain), Ron Petersen (Midwest), Chris Jennings (Texas), and Russell Francis (Northwest) will also be given a reserved spot on the SuperSunday grid for S4.

The top-three in TaG Senior include Phil DeLaO, Remo Ruscitti, and Austin Elliott, and they will be in the hunt for the title to the very end, thanks to this opportunity. Matt Johnson (California), Brandon Southwick (Rocky Mountain), Tommy Andersen (Midwest) and Gill Lipton (Texas) enter Vegas as ProKart Challenge champions, and will therefore be on the grid regardless of their performances. Luke Selliken, Brenden Baker and Carter Williams are the top-three drivers in the TaG Junior standings. Additionally, ProKart Challenge champions Austin Versteeg (Mountain) and Tony Petersen (Midwest) are secured a spot in the main event as well. The TaG Cadet division has Hunter Corbitt, Anthony Sawyer and Hunter Kelly leading the way in the Pro Tour standings, while Riley Cook (Rocky Mountain), Nick Nufer (Midwest) and Ryan C Lewis (Texas) are confirmed for the main event with their ProKart Challenge championships.

Just hours remain before the deadline to pre-register, set for midnight on Thursday, November 1. Head to at to secure your spot in the world’s largest karting event – the SKUSA SuperNationals XVI presented by MG Tires in Las Vegas on November 14-18. All drivers and team managers are also encouraged to place their pre-orders for other necessary race products, like practice tires, by this deadline. Please follow in the days leading up to the event for any breaking news or event updates before you travel to the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino.


About Superkarts! USA:

Established in 1995, Superkarts! USA is dedicated to shifterkart and TaG racing and is the leader in the field, currently promoting six regional racing series. Racing programs are currently running in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin, in cooperation and support from official tire supplier MG Tires. In 2012, the organization will be promoting the third edition of the SKUSA Pro Tour, which features a pair of major events in Arizona and Utah, all leading up to the annual SKUSA SuperNationals, the biggest shifter kart race in the world, held every November in Las Vegas, NV. For more information on SKUSA, please visit

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