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PR: Successful Monaco de Trois-Rivieres for SH Karting

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PR: Successful Monaco de Trois-Rivieres for SH Karting

With the Canadian karting season in full swing, the SH Karting Team travelled to Trois-Rivieres, Quebec for a very special double-header event. The popular street race is held on the a portion of race track utilized for the GP3R car race, hosts both the Coupe du Quebec and Eastern Canadian Karting Championships. The event draws in drivers from all areas of Canada and SH Karting and their drivers displayed great speed throughout the entire event including sweeping the Rotax Junior division in both races.

“We are very confident in our Zanardi Kart package,” explains SH Karting’s Sacha Gagnon. “As we get closer to the Canadian Championships, our drivers and chassis are performing at their best and it is showing in the results we are earning.”

Headlining the teams results, Alexandre Lacroix continues to impress in the Rotax Junior division. Coming off a strong victory in his last ECKC race, Lacroix doubled up at Le Monaco winning both the Coupe du Quebec race on Saturday and ECKC race on Sunday, both in fine fashion.

Alexandre Lacroix won both Rotax Junior Races at Le Monaco (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Alexandre Lacroix won both Rotax Junior Races at Le Monaco (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

“Alexandre is doing very well at the moment and has a lot of confidence in his Zanardi when he hits the track,” continues Gagnon.

SH Karting drivers also found the podium in Rotax Senior where Steven Szigeti raced to finish third in Saturdays Coupe du Quebec race. While Szigeti could only manage seventh in Sunday’s Final, teammate Maxime Couturier finished fifth to keep his ECKC Championship hopes alive. Couturier also finished sixth on Saturday.

In Rotax Micro-Max, Alexandre Legare stood on the podium on both days finishing in third on Saturday and Sunday. Battling hard with his teammate throughout the weekend, recent Western Canadian Champion Thomas Nepveu earned two top-five finished in Micro-Max and is ready for the Canadian Championships.

“Our Micro-Max drivers are doing very well this season. Both Thomas and Alexandre are battling the very stiff Micro-Max competition and are ready for the Canadian Championships,” added Gagnon.

Two more SH Karting drivers stood on the podium on Saturday in the Briggs & Stratton division. Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet and Maxime Couturier found themselves in a very deep class of talent that saw intense racing throughout the 26-kart field. Couturier swept Saturday’s event by qualifying on the pole-position and winning the Final while Lemaire joined him on the podium after finishing third.

“Our SH Karting Zanardi’s are doing well in both two-cycle and four-cycle divisions. For our first full season on the brand, we are very happy with results and cannot wait for the Canadian Championships.”

SH Karting will now begin preparing for the 2013 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships held on August 21-25 at Goodwood Kartways in Stouffville, Ontario. A full team will travel to Ontario for the event to represent the SH/Zanardi brand and seek National Championships.

For more information about SH Karting, visit their website, or contact Sacha Gagnon at

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