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PR: SKC & TKC Award 17 Graduation Certificates After Training Day


PR: SKC & TKC Award 17 Graduation Certificates After Training Day

SKC-logoOn Sunday, April 14th the Simcoe and Toronto kart clubs held their annual Driver & Mechanic training day at 3-S Go Karts in Sutton. Though Mother Nature delivered a chilly day, it wasn’t enough to curb anyone’s enthusiasm.

Expertly guided by Lead Instructor Jamie Riberdy, and his assistants Daniel Geer, Ryley Staples, and Steve Walker, the seventeen Rookie racers, were put through their various on-track exercises in an organized and professional manner fulfilling all items listed in the day’s Itinerary.

Upon concluding the on-track activities at 4:00 pm, each participant received the ASN Canada New Karters Test. Linda and Jessica Brutzki, and Isabella Savaglio, scored the tests. The results were an impressive 92% making the day a huge success for everyone both on and off the track.

In alphabetical order, SKC and TKC CONGRATULATES! the graduates:

Travis Bracey,
Matias Calzato,
Thomas Chemello,
Alec Drummond,
Khloe Drummond,
Tyler Edwards,
Michael Fish,
Victoria Fish,
Maddox Heacock,
Jimmy-Douglas Hooper,
Brooke McDonald,
Nicky Palladino,
Ellisondre St. Pierre,
Gianluca Savaglio,
Isabella Savaglio,
Jared Vegter, and
Chase Whitney.

On behalf of the Simcoe and Toronto kart clubs, we extend a very special thank you as well to Brian Brutzki, Robert & Tyler Freier, Michelle McDonald, Bob Nebel, Jeff Riberdy, Mina Walker, Bill Smith, and Bob Staples Jr. & Sr., for your generous assistance throughout the day to ready our Rookies for their first race in Sutton on Sunday, April 28th.

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