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PR: SKC and TKC 2nd Annual Enduro a Huge Success!


PR: SKC and TKC 2nd Annual Enduro a Huge Success!

Last Sunday, Oct. 7, Mother Nature looked to put a damper on the Simcoe Kart Club’s 2nd Annual KARTfest Thanksgiving Enduro that they hosted together with the Toronto Kart Club at 3-S Go Karts in Sutton. Even she could not spoil the exciting racing and the good times enjoyed by all of the racers, their families, and friends.

There are so many people to THANK for making this joint SKC and TKC special event a huge success:

• Diana and Bill Smith that arrived at 7:00 am to assist with Registration,
• the karters and their mechanic/dads that braved the weather to race the enduro for the allotted times,
• Karlovo Meat and Deli, and Bill Chiplakov for the delicious barbequed sausages and the delightful adult beverages,
• Bob Staples/Staples Racing that sponsored both the trophies and the 10 Butterball turkeys,
• with 4 of the turkeys cooked to perfection by Anand & Terry Mohan and Geordie Ledson and graciously served by Sonia and Isabella Soranno, and Nina Freier,
• James Larmour that sponsored the two vats of low fat cooking oil for the turkeys that were cooked by Anand and Geordie.
• Beth and Jeff Riberdy that sponsored all of the buns and the cups for Bill’s beverages.
• Antonella Di Martino-Palladino and Nina Freier that brought the sweet dessert treats,
• The many draw prizes that were generously donated by Peter Geer & 401 Dixie Nissan/Infiniti, Chip’s Garage & the Brutzki family, the Toronto Kart Club, Pfaff Motors, Chris Pfaff and Stuart Drummond, that almost overflowed off of the two head tables.
• And, of course, the many volunteers that, in spite of the weather, maintained their posts to ensure a safe and fun filled event that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

All in all, it was a great day, especially for Christopher Christie that also took home the cash from the 50 / 50 draw.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the karters that raced:

Novice Class:
1) Khloe Drummond
2) Tyler Edwards
3) Francesca Pasubio
4) Simon Stoula
5) Alec Drummond
6) Nicky Palladino
7) Sarah Hall

Junior Lite:
1) Joe Soranno
2) Joshua Conquer
3) Cole Smith-Ledson
4) Adam Pellew
5) Tyler Edwards
6) Michael Fish
7) Tyler Freier
8) Francesca Pasubio
9) Khloe Drummond
10) Tanner Hamilton
11) Vassil Tchiplakov

Junior Heavy:
1) Ryan Mohan

Senior Honda:
1) Alex Di Frangia
2) Ryley Staples
3) Nicholas Ledson & Jamie Riberdy
4) Kristian Jeffrey & Daniel Geer
5) Cale Mead
6) Dean Reilly
7) Sid Nye
8) Scott Walker

1) Bill Chiplakov & Glenn Butler
2) Rudy Aguiar
3) Bill Smith
4) Pablo Regidor
5) Juan Velasquez
6) Christopher Christie & Steve Barnes
7) Sue Taylor & Tim Blatt
8) Scott Brooks & John Wheeler
9) Rick Drew

The final special event of the 2012 Simcoe Kart Club racing year is the banquet and awards gala at the Destiny Banquet Hall and Convention Centre in Woodbridge on Saturday, November 24. The tickets are on sale now with purchasing details, including host hotel, posted in the 2012 SCHEDULE section of the website. In consideration of SKC’s hard working volunteers, they ask that you please purchase your tickets as soon as possible so that they too may go straight to enjoying the hors d’oeuvre and the free bar upon their arrival.

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