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PR: RaceLab Set to Import Formula K Racing Kart for Canada


PR: RaceLab Set to Import Formula K Racing Kart for Canada

Vancouver B.C’s Racelab is pleased to announce the addition of the Formula K chassis line to their stable of products. The new importer has acquired the exclusive Canadian rights to one of Italy’s fastest growing chassis labels based out of the storied Maranello where they share more than just a neighbor with the legendary Ferrari.

Formula K’s founder Andrea Bertolini is no stranger to Motorsports having a strong past in karting along his trek to becoming a 5 time FIA GT1 World Champion and factory driver for Maserati/Ferrari. When assembling the project he found a group of partners all with experience in various departments of Motorsports from finance, business and even a Ferrari tech. Cash van Belle (ex Intrepid) was then brought in to operate the racing team with his extensive history of being at the top level of international karting.

Together they have built a rapidly rising program that has already nearly conquered a World title in KZ1 and have dominated several European Rotax championships. The philosophy in this company is to be above others in technology and development to the point where they have worked with Ferrari data technicians to create a professional level simulator where they are able to test and experiment on chassis ideas in house before even entering the track.

The Racelab who is run by Steve Rickman a veteran of karting for with over 20 years in the sport as a driver, tuner, manager and shop owner has had a long history racing at all levels and intends to push this brand to the top ranks and aspires to not just be a kart shop in BC but to be the kart shop in BC.

“Adding Formula K to our product line seemed to be a good plan as it allows the Racelab to branch out into other growing markets but also offer our local market a strong competitive product that is well priced and supported from day one everything has run incredibly smooth with this organized group of individuals” commented Rickman from his Burnaby race shop.

Using only the highest quality materials available the FK line employs top level European chrome-moly tubing to construct their frames which are tested for straightness and have some of the highest quality control standards in the industry. Apart from just the frame design there are small details that make the difference including the spindle “C” mounts that are not made of bent steel like most factories do, but instead the Formula K staff opted to manufacture their “C”’s out of a solid block of steel that is machined giving far superior rigidity and as a result the racer gets a more consistent front end by way of the yolks not bending and going out of alignment as experienced by many other manufacturers.

The Formula K line offers three homologated frames which are available in KF2 (Front Hand Brake Equipped) KF3/TAG (rear Brake only) and KZ/Shifter.

The Models Include:
FK01 30/30mm Tube Frame
FK02 30/32mm Tube Frame
FK03 28/30mm Tube Frame

All Chassis are equipped with either AP Racing Brake systems or the Ven05/Ven06 Brake system.

Other Features include:

• 50 mm Black Anodized Axle
• Douglas Magnesium Wheels
• Drilled and threaded Bearing cassettes for easy mounting and adjustment
• Adjustable Caster/Camber and ride height
• Adjustable Ackerman
• KG Bodywork with Stylish Sticker Kit
• Removable Front Torsion Bar
• IMAF Fiberglass Seat
• Solid Machined Spindle “C”s for better durability

Formula K also offers models for cadet, baby, and DD2 category that are all designed and tested rigorously to be ultra competitive in their respective categories.

For more information on the Formula K line and the Racelab feel free to visit or call 604 420 1160 to speak to the newly appointed importer.

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