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PR: PSL West Officially Makes the Switch to BirelART


PR: PSL West Officially Makes the Switch to BirelART

Following in the footsteps of their parent company PSL Karting, PSL West has officially made the switch to the BirelArt product line. Effective immediately, PSL West’s colors will turn to the bright red and white design as they continue on and into the remainder of the 2015 karting season.

“There were many people in the karting industry that speculated that we would make the switch to Birel but their were others that thought we would stay with the CRG brand,” explained Danny Kacic, Owner and President of PSL West. “We have a great partnership with PSL Karting and look to continue that relationship for many racing seasons to come. We are excited about the switch and can’t wait for our first national events.”

PSL West will be representing the BirelArt line in the western half of the United States and Canada as well as teaming up with PSL Karting in representing the official BirelArt North American Race Team.

Kacic continued, “We will be utilizing the PSL Karting team hauler for all the events on the eastern half of the United States and Canada while the PSL West hauler will be used for all the major events on the West Coast. We will have the full BirelArt and FreeLine product lines available and will be available to assist with service and tuning questions for all of our great and supporting customers.”

PSL West will contest several of North America’s top karting series. Set to see action in the Can-Am Karting Challenge, Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) Pro Tour and US Open, PSL West will also travel and compete in many other events throughout the United States and Canada.

PSL West is currently in the production process of a new website,

With the new website comes new e-mail addresses and PSL West would like to remind everyone to update their records. General information and team questions can be sent to while BirelArt product orders can be sent to Danny Kacic can be reached directly at

For more information on PSL West, dealer inquires, PSL West services (including tuning services, driver support system, transportation services, driver training, and leasing programs), or for more information on PSL West’s product lines, please visit them online at, or contact them at or by phone 250.979.8051.

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