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PR: PSL Set To Secure Championships in Utah

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PR: PSL Set To Secure Championships in Utah

The PSL roster takes to the track this morning for their first unofficial practice at Round 2 of US Open in Toole, Utah

With a quick overview of the team, Oliver Askew leads the #redarmy in the fight for the Senior Max championship with a comfortable but not so secure lead in Senior Max. Oliver has been extremely focused on pushing his limits this year with his sights set on the Rotax Grand Finals in Italy. Following in suit, the ‘splash’ brothers, Alessandro Bizzotto and Jeff Kingsley are looking to do work and lead the 2 speed DD2 category aboard their CRY-30- RX’s. Jeff secured a perfect race weekend at US Open Nola only a few weeks previous and we assume a similar performance from the duo this weekend.

Garcia and Sundaramoorthy will leads the Rotax Juniors in the dry heat of Salt Lake City. Sundara’ has been developing his skills and technique with the national Birel ART team attending ECKC and other Canadians events outside his OVRP schedule.

Thomas Nepveu takes his new PSL X3 to the track in the competitive Mini Max category, another outstanding pilot having almost a perfect season thus far.

Making up the rest of the field, Nathan Mauel, current points leader in DD2-M, along side team mate Luis Zervigon will look for similar results to NOLA’s strong finish. Mauel leads the DD2 championship, a class which he is very comfortable competing in.

American karting star, Kyle Kirkwood will make his debut with US Open aboard a CRY-30 chassis in the Shifter Elite category powered by the best in the industry, Swedetech Engines.

And finally, the newest member to the team, veteran driver from France, Jeremy Charon, leads the Rotax Masters class. For updates, follow our Instagram @pslkartingofficial and Facebook/pslkarting.

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