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PR: PSL Moncton Ready for Assault on Canadian National Karting Championships


PR: PSL Moncton Ready for Assault on Canadian National Karting Championships

1082326_10151530377751541_371494087_nOn Wednesday, August 21st, PSL Moncton will arrive to Goodwood full of energy and enthusiasm. Coming all the way from the Maritime Provinces, Gerald Caseley Sr., will be bringing the experience of working with two national four-cycle champions along with six maritime drivers. Gerald was excited to share a few comments about his team. “We have a great team dynamic full of passion. Our young drivers bring in an inspiring amount of energy and optimism to the table. While our older more experienced drivers on the team will help focus that energy into a winning atmosphere for PSL Moncton.”

PSL Moncton will be composed of Two Junior Briggs and Stratton Drivers and Four Senior Briggs Drivers. Graci Young will be sporting the number 614 CRG Kart. Young is leading the team in passion and has been displaying championship habits all summer. Her hard work and dedication to the sport has translated to several wins in the maritime circuit and she will bring that experience with her to Markham this weekend. Stephen Oliver will be the second of the two Junior Drivers that PSL Moncton is proud to be supporting for the Canadian Karting Nationals. Oliver’s on and off track energy will pay great dividends to not only himself but the rest of the team as well.

The Briggs and Stratton Senior crew from PSL Moncton will be attending the Nationals with understanding of what it takes to win a national event. Gerald Caseley Jr, raining National Champion, will play an important role in PSL Moncton. With his experience and coaching mind set he looks to not only do well but also propel the rest of the team to the top of the result sheets. Busting out on the National Karting scene this season has been Jarrett Leach. In just his second karting season Leach has been a strong contender at every race in the Maritime region and has been using ECKC events to groom his Canadian Karting Championship run. Another strong young Sr. Briggs competitor for PSL Moncton will be Robert Conrad. Conrad has been doing the double duty this summer. Being a strong force at AMKA karting events and participating in the Formula BMW series based out of Shubenacadie, NS. He will be utilizing his diverse knowledge in race craft to ensure success through out this National weekend. The latest addition to PSL Moncton is Aaron Demond. Demond has been karting out of the AMKA kart club for some time now and knows that with PSL Moncton on his side he will be given a great opportunity at his first National event.

PSL Moncton will be at the track all week. With their extensive knowledge in both the CRG Chassis and Briggs motor package PSL Moncton expects great results for all drivers. “The PSL Moncton team is not just six individual drivers, but rather a dynamic team with each member contributing to the success. All these contributions will prove to be valuable. We firmly believe that because of the make up the team, the group will be much stronger than simply the sum of its parts.”- Gerald Caseley Sr.

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