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PR: PSL Moncton Amped Up for Canadian Championships in Mont-Tremblant!


PR: PSL Moncton Amped Up for Canadian Championships in Mont-Tremblant!

PSL Moncton’s convoy will be leaving world headquarters and making its way to Mont Tremblant this week. With Gerald Caseley Sr. leading the charge and the rest of the team at his mercy, everyone will be fired up when they arrive.

PSL Moncton intends to leave its mark on more than just the bathrooms in Mont Tremblant. Their 15 driver squad will be competing resiliently in the Briggs Junior, Senior and Masters Classes. The Briggs program has been a focal point for PSL Moncton, as team owner Gerald Caseley Sr. believes firmly in the program and the reasons are self evident with the numbers that will be present in the Briggs categories this year.

The Junior line up consists of a group of kids that will not only be competing fiercely for the National title but will undoubtedly give everyone in the paddock a run for the most enthusiastic and sportsmanlike crew. Many of them have been attending regional events in Quebec and have attained great results and have shown tremendous growth. The seven Junior drivers will generate their own successes but will each contribute to the teams success as well. Catherine White, a social guru will undoubtedly bring energy to the tent with her personality and custom pink PSL Moncton suit. The passionate and very well read Graci Young will be a contender with her highly strategic racing style. Brady Dow will be heading up with the championship in his sights in his last year of Junior. Keep an eye out for Stephen Oliver who has consistently battled for the top of the podium all season long and done so in electric fashion. If Canadian Tire or TSN is looking for entertainment this will be the man to watch. As the current Maritime Champion Kelsey Hann is excited to display her talents on a national scale in hopes of adding Canadian Champion to her resume. Newest addition Ben Mundle will be looking to gain experience and compete with the best in Mont-Tremblant. The Novice veteran Fraser Murray, since winning the Maritime Championship, has moved up to the Junior class and will undoubtedly bring his aggressively precise driving skill to the field with the intent to take home a Canadian Championship back to the Maritimes. Justin Beers rounds out the Junior team and has but one accomplishment left in the Junior class before heading to Senior, this being a Junior National Title. Team Owner, Gerald Caseley Sr. shared his thoughts of his Junior squad with CKN:

“We’ve never had such a large and promising team with us in Tremblant. These are a great group of kids that will further the series and the sport with their skills and their personalities. Their ability to bring up everyone up around them never ceases to amaze me.”

The Senior crew is going up with one goal in mind and that is to take a stranglehold on that Canadian Championship. PSL Moncton intends to do this with experience, as their deep team are no strangers to National competition and their individual skill will only be overshadowed by their selfless intention to share information, ensuring overall team success. Heading off the charge, with valuable intel from his recent testing session in Mont Tremblant, Mathieu Demers will be getting the team up to pace quickly. His successful season in Quebec proves that he will be a top contender for the National Championship. Gerald Caseley Jr. will be jumping in the kart for the second time this season hoping for the best in amongst the stacked Briggs Senior field. We have no idea how PSL Moncton pulled it off, but coming out of the woodwork is Michael Adams. Rumor has it Michael was ecstatic in finding out his vacation from professional hand modeling fell on the exact week that the Canadian Karting Nationals were to take place. Aaron Kennedy, coming off a very successful season, will be using his smooth style in to ensure he is at the front of the grid. Robert Conard, who has been doing double duty in a Formula BMW series will be in fine form in his pursuit for the title. Aaron Dumont wants it as bad as anyone out there as he knows if he returns to University with a National Karting Championship he could very well rule the school. Last but certainly not least Brett Miller will be throwing down his resilient style which will surely produce results.

It wouldn’t be fitting if PSL Moncton didn’t have entrants in each class Briggs class. Luckily the recruiting budget received significant funding this season. Jim Williamson will be a great fit to the team and is looking to push his CRG to the front. Rounding out the Masters class Mathieu Boudreau will be take years of track experience with him in his pursuit of the holy grail.

PSL Moncton looks forward to seeing everyone and encourages anyone to stop by the tent. Additionally, they would like to officially challenge anyone to a ruthless luge race.

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