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PR: KMS North America Improves at Goodwood Kartways

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

PR: KMS North America Improves at Goodwood Kartways

PR by: KMS North America

This past weekend KMS North America headed to Goodwood Kartways for the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships (ECKC). After a difficult opening round of the championship the team were looking for a much better weekend.

In Micro Max Jeremy Tallon would head to his home track with the aim to continue his strong start to this years ECKC season. Jeremy would take two 2nd place finishes in both Saturday and Sunday finals to solidify his place as one of the championship front-runners.


Jeremy Tallon (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

William Chayer would be the sole Mini Max contender in the team this weekend as Xavier Dorsnie has made his move into the Briggs Junior class. It would prove to be a character building weekend for William with a technical non-compliance in Saturdays final and a 7th place finish in Sundays final.

The Briggs and Stratton Junior field would welcome Xavier Dorsnie to the grid for his first race in the growing class. Showing great speed all weekend for his first race in Briggs, Xavier would learn a lot when it came the close natured racing of Briggs Junior. A 13th place on Saturday and an 8th place finish in Sundays final would show his improvement through the weekend.


Xavier Dorsnie (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Two drivers would compete in the Rotax Junior class for the team, Nataël Cantin and Raphael Forcier. Nataël would be looking to continue his form from his Coupe du Quebec race at SRA whereas Raphael would be competing in only his second ever race and his first ever ECKC event. Raphael went onto exceed expectations of everyone in the team by qualifying in 15th place for both days. Saturday would prove to be Raphael’s strongest day with an amazing 8th place finish in the final. Sunday however he would be involved in crashes in both the Pre-Final and Final, which were neither his fault. Nataël would take two greatly need results on both Saturday and Sunday. After struggling in qualifying on Saturday he would drive an outstanding race to come through to finish 5th in the final. Sunday was a much stronger day taking a 3rd and 4th in the Pre-Final and Final. Fantastic results for Nataël, who will come away from the weekend with his confidence boosted.

In Rotax Senior Dider Carré and Dev Gore would continue their improvement through the weekend. Dider Carré now putting himself comfortably inside the top 10 both days with his confidence rising after his first ever podium at the SRA Coupe du Quebec round. Dev Gore however would show great speed for only his second ever ECKC race, but incidents and infortune would mean he wouldn’t have the results to show for it.

In DD2 Masters Chris Glover would be the star of the team. After showing great speed all through testing Chris would go onto struggle during the latter part of the weekend with a painful blister proving difficult to drive with. However Chris would go onto overcome the pain and take wins on both Saturday and Sunday. two great result that move him into a strong position in the championship.


Chris Glover (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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