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PR: K&K Kart – Building The Brand “2015”

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

PR: K&K Kart – Building The Brand “2015”

PR by: K&K Kart North America

Six years ago, 45 year karting veteran, K&K Kart North America owner, Kevin Barrick started out with a passion to remain in and give back to the sport with a cost effective 4-cycle “purpose built” Italian chassis. What has transpired in those 6 years has been a real success story. Basically “The Little Engine that Could Story.” Bringing a “self branded” Italian Race Kart into an incredibly tough Canadian¬†market with a lot of skeptics and great competition, has proven to be no small feat. Fortunately, the huge success of the Briggs LO206 program, has played right into the vision of K&K.

In short, performance wise, K&K has won every 4-cycle championship available to win in Eastern Canada, most notably K&K has won more ECKC Briggs Championships than any other brand, and an ASN National Championship. A picture of 3 dads, and 3 son drivers hoisting 2 ECKC Briggs (SR. & Masters) Championships and 1 Vice (JR.) Championship Trophy in Mt.Tremblant at the end of 2014, after an incredibly competitive season…pretty much says it all.

Working with the Treadwell family on the technical and race side, and Lorne Kelly on the logistics side since day one, the K&K Cobra OTB chassis, in collaboration with EKS Kart Italy, has been constantly upgraded to the current level of the 2015 “5th Year Anniversary Edition”. The 2015 Cobra chassis will be “Back in Black,” and a little bit of Gold color will be added to the 2015 K&K decals and suits to commemorate the “5th Anniversary”. It has been a lot of hard work and perseverance, but K&K has been dedicated to making this “Built For Briggs LO206 Chassis”…”Out of the Box Fast”. It incorporates the best and necessary components to win, while at the same time keeping it one of, if not “the” lowest priced Italian 4 cycle chassis’ on the market. Given the ease of tuning, any decent driver should be able to take a 2015 K&K Cobra, “Out of the Box”, bolt on a new stock Briggs…..go racing and have a chance to win…at any level.

Heading into 2015, after several years of many ECKC Championships, K&K will now turn it’s main focus on an effort to win “ALL 3” ASN Canadian National Briggs Titles. While this may sound like a tall order to most, K&K has some of the best 4cycle drivers in Canada, great Briggs engine support in Kelly Michaud (KDM Racing) and Maurice Bachand (MSM Motorsports) and the proven K&K Cobra OTB chassis. Obviously, to accomplish this, luck would have to be on our side and we would have to flawless performances by our drivers, given the incredible talent currently in Briggs Racing.

On the Sales & Marketing side of things, Barrick is pleased to announce that 2015 K&K Cobra Karts will be available through alliances with VRS (Venom Racing Solutions) Jon & James Treadwell, and most recently DMR (Derek Michaud Racing).

K&K Kart North America will be opening a new showroom in the spring, at 1016 Hastings Road, Kilworthy, Ontario,

2015 is shaping up to be another growth and banner year for K&K Kart North America.

“K&K IS Briggs LO206 Racing”

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