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PR: Joint SKC & BSRKC Champions Banquet: Two Perfect Celebrations


PR: Joint SKC & BSRKC Champions Banquet: Two Perfect Celebrations

On Saturday, November 23, the Simcoe Kart Club and the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Champion Series (BSRKC) brought their 2013 racing seasons to a successful close with a joint Champions Banquet and Awards Gala that took place at La Primavera Hospitality and Convention Centre in Woodbridge.

The volunteers arrived at 11:00 am that morning to set up the hall and fill the head tables. The BSRKC Crystal Cups, the embroidered equipment bags, the Junior Lite prize cheques, trophies, and the eleven remaining Shannonville Bears, as well as, the SKC trophies, Class Champion rings, special annual awards and keepsakes, their respective Sponsor Appreciation plaques, with loads of door and spot dance prizes, soon filled those five head tables. Bob, Cathy & Laura Nebel, Bill and Vassil Chiplakov, Lynda & Enzo Chiovitti, Anand Mohan, and Diana & Bill Smith, worked diligently to make sure that everything was perfectly arranged before the guests arrived.

Special thanks to: Our guest of honour, Mr. Brian Stewart, for assisting with the presentations; Tim Blatt for donating the many spot dance prizes; the Drummond family for bringing two additional huge door prize gift baskets; Creative Edge and Steve Lyons for sponsoring the draw for a complete bodyworks decal set that was won by Ryan Mohan; and MG Tires & Luis Ruibal that made another all expenses paid free trip to Brazil possible for Ron Henrie to compete in the November 2013 edition of the Granja Viana 500.

The five course Italian meal and dessert was delicious, the deluxe free bar was appreciated by the adult guests, and the D. J. kept everyone entertained and dancing all night long.

Gord Tomlin has posted a special PHOTO GALLERY courtesy of Sue Taylor and Bob Nebel on both the Simcoe Kart Club and the BSRKC website home pages.

To the Sponsors that gave so generously, and to the racers that competed in both the Simcoe Kart Club and the Brian Stewart Series, the SKC Executives, Board of Directors, and BSRKC Steering Committee, extend their heartfelt thanks and sincerest appreciation for your support!

Congratulations to all of you!!!

BSRKC 2013 Sponsors:

Brian Stewart Racing – Mr. Brian Stewart,
Canadian Tire-Fergus, Ontario – Charles & Kathy Campbell,
Champion Software Inc., – Gord Tomlin,
K. D. M. Racing – Kelly Michaud,
M. G. Tires – Luis Ruibal.

BSRKC Special “Club Participation Trophy” Awarded To:
Simcoe Kart Club.

BSRKC Champions & Trophy Presentations:

BSRKC Novice Class:

1st Gianluca Savaglio
2nd Tyson Wassink
3rd Josh Bisschop
4th Ellisondre St. Pierre
5th Nicky Palladino

BSRKC Junior Lite Class:

1st Tanner Hamilton
2nd Andrew Whelan
3rd Ciarra Collison
4th Jade Franklin
5th Vassil Tchiplakov

BSRKC Junior Heavy Class:

1st Ryan Mohan
2nd Austin Bisschop
3rd Roman De Angelis
4th Andrew Crowther
5th Jordan Latimer

BSRKC Senior Lite Class:

1st Scott Nagel
2nd Ryan Brutzki
3rd Jamie Riberdy

BSRKC Senior Heavy Class:

1st T J. Marshall
2nd Brett Rickeard
3rd Jon Treadwell

BSRKC Masters Class:

1st Ron Henrie
2nd Rich Mizener
3rd Rudy Aguiar

BSRKC Junior Tag Class:

1st Ryan Mohan
2nd Brandon Lowry

BSRKC Senior Tag Class:

1st Brett Rickeard
2nd Dean Reilly
3rd Jazmin Webster

SKC-logoSimcoe Kart Club 2013 Sponsors:

1. Karlovo Inc., Karlovo Meat – Bill Chiplakov,
2. 3-S Go Karts Ltd. – Lynda And Enzo Chiovitti,
3. 401 Dixie Nissan / Infiniti – Peter Geer,
4. 401 Indoor Mini-Indy Limited – Rick Mcmullen,
5. Adrian Pellew School Of Guitar – Adrian Pellew,
6. Aero Auctions – Rod Thompson,
7. Butler Power – Glenn Butler,
8. Camden Motors – Al Di Frangia,
9. Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. – Jason Jenkins,
10. Champion Software Inc. – Gord Tomlin,
11. Contractors Rental Supply – Paul Cormier,
12. Cummins Hydraulics Ltd., – John Cummins,
13. Dominator Racing Engines – George Conquer,
14. Kal Tire – Rajid Cehajic,
15. Staples Racing – Bob Staples,
16. Taylor Blatt – Sue Taylor & Tim Blatt.

SKC Champions & Trophy Presentations:

SKC Novice Class:

1st Gianluca Savaglio
2nd Ellisondre St. Pierre
3rd Alec Drummond
4th Nicky Palladino
5th Chase Whitney
6th Matt Calzato
7th Isabella Savaglio

SKC Honda Junior Lite Class:

1st Vassil Tchiplakov
2nd Joshua Conquer
3rd Zachery Latimer
4th Jade Franklin
5th Tanner Hamilton

SKC Honda Junior Heavy Class:

1st Ryan Mohan
2nd Michael Fish
3rd Brooke Mc Donald

SKC Honda Senior Class:

1st Ryley Staples
2nd Dean Reilly
3rd Ryan Brutzki
4th Alex Di Frangia
5th Daniel Geer

SKC Masters Class:

1st Tim Blatt
2nd Rudy Aguiar
3rd Sue Taylor

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Well done indeed!!!


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