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PR: Inferno Clutch for Briggs & Stratton Available in Canadian Karting Market


PR: Inferno Clutch for Briggs & Stratton Available in Canadian Karting Market

Looking to bring a competitive and affordable clutch to the Canadian Briggs & Stratton karting market, Extreme Kart Racing Inc. of Winnipeg, Manitoba and East Coast Karting of Moncton, New Brunswick have joined forces to become the Canadian importers for the Inferno Clutch product line. Wanting to provide a clutch equal or better than the current industry standard while focusing on performance and pricing, the Inferno Clutch rose to the top after in depth dyno and track testing were conducted over the past six months.

“We realized that there was an issue when the Briggs & Stratton motor came to the Canadian karting scene and the clutch was half the value of the complete engine package,” expressed Extreme Kart Racing’s Brian Campbell. “We worked hard to find a clutch with superior performance and reliability that could withstand the torque of the LO 206 engine.”

Not wanting to become the distributors of a product that would not be reliable, Campbell as well as East Coast Karting’s Gerald Caseley, went to work over the long, cold winter months. Importing and testing multiple different clutch brands and designs, the Inferno Clutch outdid them all.

“We were very impressed with the results on the dyno,” expressed Gerald Caseley. “Knowing that we could not rely solely on the dyno performance, we waited until Mother Nature would provide us with the weather to perform an on track test. Again, we were very pleased with the results but wanted to see the clutch in wheel-to-wheel action.”

Campbell continued, “Once we saw the Inferno Clutch in real competition, we were sold on the idea and design as well as excited about the opportunity to present the Briggs & Stratton community with a high end, top quality clutch at a very affordable price.”

The Inferno brand racing clutches are engineered to last longer and provide more consistent torque than conventional drum style racing clutches. The clutch shoes are thermo-dynamically designed to minimize heat transfer to the springs. This allows the clutch to handle the heat generated from the clutch without damage to the springs.

The Inferno Clutch racing drum is stamped and machined to a tight tolerance on the inside diameter to ensure even contact between the shoe surface and the drum for consistent engagement and torque. The Inferno Racing clutch series can be adjusted without removing the chain. Quick-change springs allow less time making adjustments in the pits and more time on the track. Sprockets and springs are interchangeable between the Fury, Flame and the Blaze models. Designed for dirt or asphalt, oval or road courses, Inferno clutches are track tested and proven winners.

Providing clutches for a variety of different disciplines, the Inferno Clutch for the karting market is sure to not disappoint.

While Extreme Kart Racing and East Coast Karting are the distributors for the product line throughout Canada, and will both supply a full line of Inferno clutches, parts and accessories, both companies are actively seeking dealers to add to their dealership network. Interested parties are asked to contact their local distributor. Brian Campbell of Extreme Kart Racing Inc. can be reached at 204.228.1415 or via email at while East Coast Karting and Gerald Caseley can be contacted at 506.874.3251 or via email at

Inferno Racing Clutches are manufactured by the Hilliard Corporation. Hilliard is a family owned company that has been manufacturing a large line of motion control products in Upstate New York since 1905. More information on the Inferno Racing Clutches can be found

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