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PR: Fikse Wheels Decal Kit Sponsorship Program


PR: Fikse Wheels Decal Kit Sponsorship Program

Unique support and branding sponsorship package announced for karting community.

Fikse Wheels is a company steeped in motorsports history, and fueled by a passion for excellence, quality and competition. As a manufacturer of custom racecar and sports car wheels, Fikse produces high-quality products for customers who love their cars and want the best components for their machines. At the genesis of the new year in karting, Fikse elected to turn some of its marketing focus onto the karting community to introduce the brand to the thousands of racing and automobile enthusiasts who fill the karting ranks. This marketing campaign was designed to support and grow the sport as well, through Fikse’s sponsorship of the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour, which is now known as the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour. Fikse’s support of the SKUSA national program can also be seen in the series’ exciting prime time coverage on the CBS Sports Network, which is taking karting to television at a level that we’ve never seen before.

As an extension of this effort to support karting, Fikse Wheels is proud to announce a brand new and very unique sponsorship and branding package, one that will present the potential for additional sponsorship for drivers who are willing to put in the effort. It will also open the door for a chance to win a $5000-plus package to help a driver compete at the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals in Las Vegas in November, with a guaranteed entry into an event that often fills up certain classes within 24 hours of the registration being opened.

The primary level of the Fikse Wheels Decal Kit Sponsorship program is simple and straightforward. Fikse is offering a customized graphics package to any karter for the price of $249 USD. Shipping is included in the price for US and Canadian addresses, and the program is open to international racers as well, although freight will be charged on the delivery of the kits. The trademark Fikse graphics package will be completed with a number of the driver’s choice, and will also feature an ID component with the drivers name and the flag of their country. Once each driver has received his or her kit, they must send Fikse a photo of the kit installed on their kart, with the driver standing beside or sitting in the kart, from pit lane at their local track. Once this is completed and confirmed, the driver will then be entered in a draw to win an incredible race package for the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals in November.

Fikse-DecalKit-Track Photo

Jordan Redlin displayed the Fikse branding on his bodywork at the Superkarts! USA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour opener in Phoenix (Photo: On Track Promotions –

Upon sending Fikse a photo of their decaled kart from trackside, each sponsored driver will be provided with an entry into the draw for the SuperNationals race package, which will be pulled at the SKUSA SummerNationals at New Castle Motorsports Park on July 25. Several great karting companies are supporting this program, including Superkarts! USA, PSL Karting, PSL West, ORG, HoleShot, On Track Promotions and eKartingNews. The package will include a complete GUARANTEED entry into the SKUSA SuperNationals in whichever class is selected by the winner, (which includes entry, two sets of tires, fuel and oil), a pit spot under the PSL West tent, the use of a Birel chassis for the weekend, chains and gears provided by HoleShot, a custom suit, gloves and boots from ORG (which the winner gets to keep regardless of his or her results), a full weekend photo package from On Track Promotions and a driver profile article to be run on eKartingNews heading into the race week. This package is worth over $5000. Should the driver finish on the podium in Las Vegas, they will get to keep their Birel chassis and they will have the remainder of the purchase cost of their Fikse Wheels decal kit refunded, pushing the total prize value to over $10,000.

The second step in leveraging the Fikse Wheels Decal Kit Sponsorship is getting on the podium in a local, regional or national karting event and posting a photo of the driver and his or her trophy to Facebook, tagging @FikseWheels in the post. When this is completed, Fikse will send the sponsored driver a check for $100, as a one-time reward for activating the program.

The third level of the Fikse Wheels Decal Kit Sponsorship is where things get interesting, and potentially lucrative for drivers who want to get a taste of what it takes to provide sponsors with true value. In the world of professional motorsports, sponsors demand real trackable results in terms of product sales or business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Branding and exposure are key components, but the actual sales of products and/or services are true tangible benefits. Fikse will challenge its ‘sponsored drivers’ with real money for their racing efforts by offering $500 cash to any driver who is directly responsible for the sale of a set of Fikse wheels. This isn’t product credit, it’s a check cut directly from Fikse that you can use for your racing effort or whatever you choose. But, as a Fikse sponsored driver, you will be carrying the Fikse logo on your kart and the opportunities for valuable financial support are real and available. With this program, Fikse is presenting an incredible opportunity for drivers young (and old), which is a chance to challenge themselves to learn a craft and a skill that will be invaluable as they attempt to carve our a career as a race car driver. Sponsor satisfaction and program success are the keys to the longevity of any partnership, and there is no limit to the number of sales commissions a sponsored driver can earn.

For those interested in becoming a sponsored Fikse Wheels driver and opening the door for additional financial support, they are instructed to email or call Fikse at the following address / phone number to order their custom Fikse Wheels graphics kit:

Phone: 1-604-533-7313 (9:00am – 4:00 pm Pacific)

An information package is also available, upon request, to answer additional questions regarding the program. Find out more about all the great products Fikse Wheels has to offer through their website at

About Fikse Wheels:
While designing and building championship-winning race wheels is the core of everything we do at Fikse, the knowledge that we gain from this is directly translated into our high performance street wheels. Fikse Wheels provide an unmatched advantage on the track and street: lightweight components, superior strength and stiffness, combined with ease of serviceability all combine to make Fikse Wheels the choice of champions and enthusiasts alike. Fikse has supplied teams in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, Grand American Koni Challenge, American Le Mans, Speed World Challenge, the FIA Sports Car Series, and others around the world. Fikse won at Daytona in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007, and they have championship wins and other podium placements in the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, Grand American Koni Challenge, American Le Mans Series, Speed World Challenge and the FIA Sports Car Series. Fikse Wheels. Artfully Designed. Precision Engineered. Made in North America since 1992.

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