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PR: At the Waterloo Regional Kart Club the Excitement Continues


PR: At the Waterloo Regional Kart Club the Excitement Continues

The Waterloo Regional Kart Club (WRKC) Members had a chance to work on their qualifying skills on Saturday June 2nd at Flamboro Speedway. The club’s members qualified for starting positions as opposed to the standard procedure of drawing for starting positions for the 1st heat race. Many of the club members welcomed a change in format for Race #4 of the 2012 season, especially those that received the fastest qualifier trophy that was presented for each class. Regardless of how the line up is determined for the final, the racers showed that the final races will always be a close fought battle in every class.

Our feature class sponsor was Collison Racing. Since starting to offer engine building services in 1989 they have grown to offer the World Champion Birel and Freeline products. Collison Racing has guided their customers to well over 150 championships, 1200 race wins and 50 Canadian Bear National wins. Collison Racing is a family run operation. Whether you are running a national championship level team or are competing at the club level on limited budget they can provide product and services to fit your needs. Collison Racing is at all the WRKC events and has been a long time supporter of the club.

Feature Race Winners and Fastest Qualifiers:

Fastest Qualifier: Josh Bisschop
1st Josh Bisschop, 2nd Luke Pero, 3rd Kyle DaSilva, 4th Liam, Rhodes, 5th Keidon Fletcher

Fastest Qualifier: Aaron Turnbull
1st Ciarra Collison, 2nd Aaron Turnbull, 3rd Tyson Wassink, 4th Madison Colling, 5th Austin Wadham

Jr. Lite:
Fastest Qualifier: Austin Bisschop
1st Jordan Howse, 2nd Austin Bisschop, 3rd Andrew Whelan, 4th Brandon Lowry, 5th Kaitlin Neely

Jr. Heavy:
Fastest Qualifier: Tyler Turnbull
1st Justin Russell, 2nd Kenny Rockwell, 3rd Tyler Turnbull, 4th Kyle Edgar, 5th Justin Collison

Sr. Medium:
Fastest Qualifier: Brock Regan
1st David Miller, 2nd Brandon Hauck 3rd Adam Racine, 4th Tristan Gill, 5th Dominique Smith

Fastest Qualifier: Bob Bailey
1st Bob Bailey, 2nd John Dryden, 3rd Gerry Reis, 4th Brian Wilkinson, 5th Michael Grinyer

The Waterloo Regional Kart Club is Canada’s largest 4 cycle Honda racing club. Our next race is Saturday June 16th at our home track Flamboro Speedway, with practice starting at 8:00 am.

For more information please visit our club website at website

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