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Poll: Should Canada Adjust the Briggs LO206 Rear Width Rule?

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Poll: Should Canada Adjust the Briggs LO206 Rear Width Rule?

Canadian karters we need your help.

As some of you know there has been much discussion this off season about the rear width rule for the Briggs & Stratton LO206 classes. Many drivers in the west are asking for the rule to be adjusted to allow not only any chassis to compete in the popular class but also for a safety standpoint to help eliminate two-wheeling in high grip situations.

A group has started a petition and it would be great for everyone to have their say in helping make the rules for Briggs LO206 classes seamless across the country. To support this petition, click here.

The petition goal states:

The goal of this petition is to create a rule set that is consistent across Canada and adopted by each club, so that all competitors have the ability to race. The specific rule in focus is the rear width.

Currently the regulation is:
-ASN Canada FIA – Karting Technical Regulations Book 2 – Section 8.4
127cm maximum width of the widest point of the kart, the rear tires & wheels

-ASN Canada FIA – Karting Technical Regulations Book 2 – Section 8.15
185mm rear wheel width maximum

-ASN Canada FIA – Karting Technical Regulations Book 2 – Section 8.1. Eligible Chassis
b) For all other classes, eligible chassis include those homologated/registered by the CIK-FIA and any chassis that in the opinion of ASN Canada FIA reasonably meet the intent and technical requirements of these regulations. Decisions regarding technical eligibility and compliance in all classes are reserved for the ASN Canada FIA Technical Delegate.

The problem with this is that the 127cm (50”) rule is dangerous. With todays new tires the chassis have too much grip and drivers have been getting on two wheels, and or flipping because of it. It is just not safe. The karts at 127cm have too much grip. Secondly to be competitive at a National level one must purchase specific four cycle chassis because of this ruling. You have to cut your CIK-FIA stamped safety bars, purchase a special bumper all to get within the 127cm rule.

It is my opinion that the rule should be opened up to 140cm and a max wheel width of 212mm to reduce the number of racers getting on two wheels and flipping. There are a few advantages to changing the rules and I would like to point out just a few.

SAFETY: Our #1 priority. When I competed at Nationals in 2014, I had an amazing time. It was a pure blast. However even after four days of chassis adjustments I was still getting up on two wheels in the final. If anyone would have bumped me at the right moment I would have flipped. The dangers associate with being on two wheels is just not worth the risk of injury. 2015 I have been told there were stories of drivers flipping all by themselves.

GROWING THE CLASS: A driver could now take any CIK-FIA 2 cylce kart (TAG, Rotax) and bolt on an L0206 and be competitive at a National level. They would not be required to purchase a specialty chassis or have to make modifications to their current chassis. Ultimately this would allow a wider range of drivers to compete at a National level, especially from Manitoba to the West coast where most L0206 racers currently compete on old 2 cycle chassis. Just from a quick entry count there are over 100 L0206 drivers that could compete now if they wish to from out West. Currently it is not an option. Hacking apart a CIK-FIA chassis to fit the current regulations is destructive and not exactly the smartest thing to do a chassis that was originally designed to meet 140cm.

The way the rules are currently, you have to be extremely knowledgeable on how to setup chassis and keep them feeling “free” at 127cm. By making the adaptation to 140cm and allowing the use of the full size wheels if one chooses it will only grow the sport, and make it safer. It will make it easier for one to hop in and compete and be fast, and further level the playing field.

Lets show ASN our support and help build upon one of the best programs in Canada and make it safer.

The focus of this regulation change is focused on adding the LO206 categories. Safety & continued growth. This ruling would not excluded any one. If you would like to continue using your kart at 127cm, you are welcome to do so.

Do you think the Briggs & Stratton LO206 rear width rules should be adjusted?

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