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Pole-Postion for Keith Barrick in Briggs & Stratton Masters

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Pole-Postion for Keith Barrick in Briggs & Stratton Masters

This time is finally here, the 2013 ASN Canada FIA Canadian National Karting Championships are officially under way at Goodwood Kartways, just north of Toronto. After months of preparation and weeks of practice, Friday represented Canadian Tire SuperPole Qualifying day at the Nationals, where all nine classes hit the track for qualifying and their first of three heat races.

Keith Barrick took the Canadian Tire Super Pole in Briggs Masters ahead of Eric Betrami, and Steven MacVoy. Kyle Aulenback had a good run in the session taking fourth ahead of Jean Beltrami.

Barrick snuck away in the heat race while the remainder duked it out for second. Jean Beltrami nicely moved up to finish second while Steve Durkac also enjoyed a great run up to third. Steve MacVoy managed to cross fourth with Jamie MacArthur rebounding to finish fifth after some early race bouncing around.

The action resumes tomorrow as the Masters have two more heat races left. With lots of action in heat one, things should get interesting tomorrow as drivers look for as few points as possible before Sunday.

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