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Pier-Luc Ouellette Continues to Control Rotax DD2 after heat races

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Pier-Luc Ouellette Continues to Control Rotax DD2 after heat races

The 2013 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships presented by Canadian Tire continued at Goodwood Kartways on Saturday as drivers completed their second and third heat races, setting the grids for Sunday Prefinals. Briggs & Stratton division drivers completed their Prefinals on Saturday evening, and now have just National Finals remaining. Once again there was beautiful weather at the facility just north of Toronto, and the action on track was just as hot as drivers tried to advance up the grid as much as possible.

In Rotax DD2, Pier-Luc Ouellette (PSL Karting/CRG) continued to control the class from the front. In heat two, PLO grabbed the lead at the start with Marco Di Leo (IPK NA/Praga) and Alessandro Bizzotto (PSL Karting/CRG). With the laps clicking by, Ouellette pulled away with Di Leo managing second. Bizzotto was challenged by Brendon Bain (Maranello NA/Maranello) for third and would eventually surrender the position.

Heat three saw Di Leo get out front early overtaking Ouellette into the first corner as a lead group of five quickly broke away. However it didn’t take Ouellette long to make his way back to the front, as Bain was also on a charge towards the front and Woodley was finally enjoying a good heat race, knocking on the doors of the top-five. As the laps wound down, PLO pulled away and DiLeo and Bain held second and third. Bizzotto slotted into fourth and Woodley passed Enrico Menotti (CRG) for fifth.

With the points tallied, Ouellette will start on the pole-position for tomorrow’s Prefinal with Di Leo beside him. A great event so far has Bizzotto third with Bain up to fourth, while Menotti and Pearce Herder (Karts & Parts/LH) complete row three.

Click Here for results and heat race points totals

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