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Photo Finish in Briggs Senior Race for $1000!


Photo Finish in Briggs Senior Race for $1000!

Photo Finish in Briggs Senior Race for $1000!

Three karts cross with 0.041 seconds of victory!

Briggs Senior at CMI produces some of the best races and finishes anywhere and that was once again evident in the CKN Dash for Cash Final as six racers went toe-to-toe for the win.

Jon Treadwell, David Barnes, Jordan Prior and Tom Fredericks made up a train of Prime/BirelART machines, but the duo of Adam Ali and Mackenzie Milwain formed up as REM/Kosmic teammates to mix in a little colour. The front three of Barnes, Treadwell and Prior traded the lead nearly every lap, with deep passes into corners four, five and eight often. This kept the group close together. Ali tried many times to break into the top three but just couldn’t keep himself there long enough to attack for second place. There was also no shortage of grass getting cut (in true Briggs fashion) as wheels were dropped often from drivers running wide to try and keep their momentum.

It all came down to the final lap and near photo finish. Prior controlled the lead and precisely navigated each corner with Barnes all over him. Slowing the pack as much as he could through the final braking corner, Prior remained in the lead at the exit of the corner as Barnes swung wide for a run to the finish line. Running out of room and half in the grass, Barnes didn’t have enough to pass. Treadwell took advantage and dove up the inside, nearly getting by Prior.

At the finish line, Prior was ahead by 0.036 seconds over Treadwell and 0.041 seconds of Barnes to earn the sweet $1000.00 payday. Ali was just under a half-second back at the line while Jeremy Vaillancourt came out of nowhere to score a top-five.

The final results had some shuffling as Treadwell had push back nosecone penalty, knocking him back to seventh and Ali received a two-position penalty for failing to leave racing room. This kept Prior on the top of the podium joined by Barnes and Vaillancourt.

CKN Dash for Cash Briggs Senior Final Results:

  1. Jordan Prior
  2. David Barnes
  3. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  4. Tom Fredericks
  5. Adam Ali
  6. Anthony Quezada
  7. Jon Treadwell
  8. Mackenzie Milwain
  9. Lily Flintoff
  10. Tyler Freier
  11. Ryan Brutzki
  12. David Donskoy
  13. Logan Prince
  14. Toby Houston
  15. Kevin May

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