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Perfect Pass Elevates Treadwell to Briggs Senior National Championship

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Perfect Pass Elevates Treadwell to Briggs Senior National Championship

The organizers of this years Canadian National Karting Championships knew that the Briggs & Stratton Senior class would put on a show all weekend long and so they saved the best for last, letting the Seniors close out the weekend of racing and they didn’t disappoint.

All weekend we witnessed a number of drivers lead the way, run up front and show potential and so the plot line for the race was that there were so many possible candidates that could drive home the victory that no driver was a favourite.

When the green flag flew, Michael Glaze grabbed the lead followed by the pack of 30 roaring Briggs engines. Pearce Herder and Tyler McCullough slotted into second and third with Gerald Caseley and Jon Treadwell fourth and fifth.

On lap three Treadwell managed to get by Caseley and was now behind his Intrepid teammate McCullough. But with no moves happening, he dropped to the inside in turn six and moved up to third on lap eight. This set off a flurry of action that would allow Glaze to open up a big ten kart length lead. It lasted just over two laps as the pack got back in line and drafted to the rear bumper of the leader in no time. Treadwell was now second followed by Herder, McCullough and Marco Signoretti.

Herder was the next to get passed after he and McCullough made contact in the chicane, allowing Signoretti to slip by both of them on lap ten.

A three kart battle for the lead formed after that with Glaze still leading Treadwell and Signoretti. Herder was all alone in fourth while Samuel Lupien was leading another pack in fifth. Halfway through lap eleven, Caseley retired from sixth in turn four.

It all came down to the final lap from there. Glaze rolled out of turn five and began moving to the inside to defend into the hard braking hairpin. But he left just enough room for Treadwell to squeeze inside. There was contact more than once as smoke could be seen from the tire rubbing. Getting slowed down and through the corner clean, Treadwell was now on top and it was three-wide behind him for second place.

Glaze held to second and gave Treadwell one last look as they approached the final sector but he couldn’t find any room to get by. Behind them, Signoretti climbed over Herder while going for third, sending him through the grass as Herder was able to continue and grab the final podium spot.

Treadwell crossed the line as the Canadian National Champion, for the second time in three years, to complete an amazing summer run that saw him win all three major events at Mosport this summer, including a pair of Eastern Canadian Karting Championship race wins and a Champion Ron Fellows Summer Challange SummerFest win.

“I cannot express the feeling because I have never experienced such a meaningful and emotional success both on and off track. I would like congratulate each and every one of my family, teammates and supporters. I consider this years title to be theirs as much as it is mine.”
– Jon Treadwell

It was an emotional victory for Treadwell who held back tears while being interviewed after the race. Only a few weeks ago, Treadwell became a father and has since been on fire on the racetrack. He also penned a great piece for us explaining what drives him to keep racing.

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