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Pearsall, Pipe and Baillargeon Stand Out in Briggs Cadet


Pearsall, Pipe and Baillargeon Stand Out in Briggs Cadet

It’s great to see the Briggs Cadet category growing race after race, even if the action on the track is a little chaotic at times. The confidence in these young racers is evident and showcases the future stars of our sport.

On Saturday, the Cadets were forced to rain tires for their Final after a heavy dropping of rain in the afternoon.

Unfazed, Jackson Pearsall (CL Kart) led the field to the green flag but came under early pressure from Edward Kennedy (Parolin) and Alexis Baillargeon (Parolin). Unfortunately for Kennedy, he spun in corner one the next time by when he hit the puddle just a little too deep.

After a few laps, Pearsall began to pull away from Baillargeon and the front four remained unchanged to the finish with Keaton Pipe (TonyKart) in third and Liam Hofrichter (BirelART) in fourth.

The race for fifth came down to Decklan Deonarine (Exprit) and a charging Kennedy, who was able to take the position on the final lap.

MRFKC2 Briggs Cadet Saturday Final

1Jackson Pearsall
2Alexis Baillargeon4.579
3Keaton Pipe6.539
4Liam Hofrichter19.382
5Edward Kennedy20.651
6Decklan Deonarine20.674
7Kara Dudgeon27.849
8Leo Da Silva28.875
9Hudson Urlin29.154
10Ethan Chan33.650
11Kaelen Pinho42.335
12Domenico Crupi44.387
13Sloan Sterling57.561
14Wesley Donkers9 laps
15Jackson Morley9 laps
16Ryan DonkersDNS

On Sunday, the late arrival of Rocco Simone (BirelART) added another driver into the mix.

Ethan Chan (Intrepid) led the early laps, but he didn’t stay on top for long when Simone and Pipe slipped by on lap three. Pearsall also moved by Chan on the next lap, but the leaders had gotten away.

A pair of two-kart battles formed, all coming down to the final laps.

Pipe kept the pressure on Simone and jumped to the lead with three laps remaining. Simone came back hard, but couldn’t find a way by.

At the line, Pipe remained on top by the narrow margin of 0.073 seconds.

The race for third came to a quick halt on the final lap when contact between Chan and Pearsall at the top of the turn seven hill sent Pearsall up into the air. He safely came back down, but his race was done on the spot. Chan did his best to get back up to speed, but Baillargeon and Jackson Morley (BirelART) were able to speed by.

For their efforts, Pearsall was named the Pfaff Junior High Performer on Saturday, while Pipe took home the Champion Fine-Tuned Award on Sunday.

MRFKC2 Briggs Cadet Sunday Final

1Keaton Pipe
2Rocco Simone0.073
3Alexis Baillargeon8.747
4Jackson Morley9.824
5Ethan Chan13.453
6Decklan Deonarine15.060
7Mayer Deonarine15.173
8Wesley Donkers15.762
9Hudson Urlin16.134
10Edward Kennedy23.066
11Leo Da Silva48.649
12Ryan Donkers49.966
13Sloan Sterling1:01.059
14Jackson Pearsall1 lap
15Kaelen Pinho1 lap
16Liam Hofrichter1 lap
17Christian Damianidis1 lap
18Kara Dudgeon2 laps
19Domenico Crupi2 laps

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