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Pacza Pushes Navratil to Double-Victory Weekend in Briggs Junior


Pacza Pushes Navratil to Double-Victory Weekend in Briggs Junior

Two runner-up finishes for Pacza wins him the championship

Working together in both Briggs Junior Finals, Steven Navratil (Awesome Kart) and Logan Pacza (BirelART) finished 1-2 and took home all the spoils of the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship. For Navratil, he secured two race victories while Pacza ensured he stayed on top of the championship standings to win the overall title.

The unfortunate absence of Logan Ferguson from the weekend meant the championship showdown was down to Pacza and Daniel Ali (Kosmic). Separated by only seven points coming into the weekend, Pacza finished ahead in both Finals to overtake and win by only 30 points.

On Saturday, the pair linked up early. Navratil pushed Pacza from the drop of the green flag and a small gap was built up over Ali and Ari Korkodilos (Kosmic). The chasing pair tried their absolute best to get close enough to separate the leaders but only got close enough on the final lap when Navratil overtook Pacza for the lead. Pacza locked in on the rear bumper of the new leader and ensured he stayed ahead of Ali at the finish, who wound up fourth.

On Sunday, Pacza leapt to the early lead ahead of Ethan Bound (TonyKart) and Lily Flintoff (TonyKart), while Navratil and Ali were fourth and fifth.

Navratil worked his way past the VSR teammates to get into second and once again hooked up with Pacza. Executing a great pass on the final lap, Navratil grabbed the lead and notched his second win of the weekend.

Pacza celebrated in second and was acknowledged as the Sunday Pfaff Junior High Performer award winner, while Bound rounded out the podium ahead of Ali.

The pair of wins helped Navratil to finish third in the championship and he also won the Saturday Champion Fine Tuned award.

Race Results: MRFKC Briggs Junior Race #5

  1. Steven Navratil
  2. Logan Pacza
  3. Ari Korkodilos
  4. Daniel Ali
  5. Lily Flintoff
  6. Ethan Bound
  7. Jordan West
  8. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  9. Hunter Twyman
  10. Nolan Hofrichter
  11. Anthony Boscia
  12. Mackenzie Milwain
  13. Franco Savaglio
  14. Christian Savaglio
  15. William MacCormack
  16. Noah Taylor
  17. Aidan Shimbashi
  18. Caden Drummond
  19. Mitchell Morrow

Race Results: MRFKC Briggs Junior Race #6

  1. Steven Navratil
  2. Logan Pacza
  3. Ethan Bound
  4. Daniel Ali
  5. Jordan West
  6. Hunter Twyman
  7. Nolan Hofrichter
  8. Lily Flintoff
  9. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  10. Anthony Boscia
  11. Mitchell Morrow
  12. Franco Savaglio
  13. MacKenzie Milwain
  14. Aidan Shimbashi
  15. Caden Drummond
  16. Noah Taylor
  17. Ari Korkodilos
  18. William MacCormack
  19. Christian Savaglio

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