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Overdrive Motorsports Celebrates 20 Years of Karting with New Ventesimo Kart!

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Overdrive Motorsports Celebrates 20 Years of Karting with New Ventesimo Kart!

Calgary racing shop also looking for drivers to join race team

Overdrive Motorsports is celebrating its 20th year as a full-time kart shop this season. With that, our continued focus will be on top-level service of every facet of karting: engine tuning, kart repair, parts supply/mail order, and track-side repairs.

In the last few years, with the resurrection of the shifter kart movement in Western Canada, shop owner Joey Guyon has returned behind the wheel gaining a following of pilots who are inspired by his passion for gearbox karting and pushing the limits of karts and tires alike.

The 2021 season is first and foremost a season of celebration. This season we are proud to announce our own line of chassis justly named “Ventesimo” – 20th anniversary, Italian style!

Our new chassis will be derived from the Formula K designs and produced by IPK in Ducati Red. The components and accessories have been carefully chosen to suit local regulations and maximize the performance of tires and chassis.

To begin the manufacturing process, the steel is specially selected to shape the red frame along with the ultimate 4 piston calliper braking system named STRV2 for the Ventesimo chassis line. All of the components such as hubs and pedals are CNC machined in Italy out of billet aluminum. Extra attention was devoted to the sticker package with Gold/Red/White making up the design. The 4 spoke red on black steering wheel showcasing the Overdrive O logo on the top is where the driver’s hands meet the ultimate driving machine.

Models available are:

  • “Bolt” – Cadet: 950mm wheelbase for Briggs or 2 cycle racing
  • KV206 – 30mm, full-sized 2 rear bearing chassis. Suitable for Briggs and Air-cooled 100cc racing (VLR, KA100)
  • Varsity – 30mm Rotax / ROK GP Chassis
  • Varsity Sprint – 30mm Shifter kart chassis

The introduction of the chassis is carefully planned for the 2021 season with our initial shipment arriving February 1st for showroom display. We are happy to announce pre-orders are being taken now for April delivery.

Overdrive is also excited to be launching a private team search where we are looking for four drivers in both the Bolt and KV206 chassis for Cadet, Junior 2 and Senior 206 racing. We are seeking to team up with drivers at various tracks who have an extra focus on testing in order to help our database fill up rapidly with set-up information and tips to pass along to club level competitors. The qualities that are essential for this project are focus, determination and professionalism. To help support these Parent/Child driver teams, we will offer them the use of a new Briggs engine for the entire season at no charge.

We are accepting applications for this role by answering the following questions and submitting your answers by email to The cutoff date to apply is February 12.

  1. How many times per month do you test in your kart?
  2. What tracks do you test and race at?
  3. How many races do you enter per year?
  4. Who prepares your kart for races and who is your tuner on the race days?
  5. What is your best memory of a positive mechanical change to your kart?
  6. What mechanical change surprised you the most by being effective?
  7. What mechanical change surprised you the most by losing speed?
  8. What is your goal for the 2021 racing season?

We are searching for a wide range of driving experience from drivers with just a thousand laps, to drivers with thousands of laps per year. We feel we can develop the most user-friendly chassis by having drivers of all calibres being fast in our karts. Please submit your interest by emailing us to begin your collaboration with us.

We are making 2021 a Celebration! Join us on track with our services, against us, or best of all using a Ventesimo chassis.

Stay tuned for updates and news on this project and for all of Overdrive’s offerings.

Overdrive Motorsports can be contacted by telephone at 403-652-5010 or email or website

Photos courtesy: Overdrive Motorsports.

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