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Opportunities Rising in the Maritimes Ahead of 2015 Season

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Opportunities Rising in the Maritimes Ahead of 2015 Season

By: Graci Young / CKN East Coast Correspondant.

The excitement is brewing for the East Coast karting community as the 2015 season quickly approaches. This season will be an ultimate game changer for Maritime karting, featuring many new, exciting events and changes such as: Austin Riley with the Racing with Autism tour, the Arrive and Drive open house program, the 5400 Endurance race, the InterClub Championships, the KartStart program, and the two core clubs schedules’. The Atlantic Motorsport Karting Association (AMKA) and the Championship Kart Racing Association (CKRA) are blooming with new members and talent which is expected to be seen during the 2015 season. It’s calling for tight racing between many, particularly in the Junior Briggs field.

The brand new Arrive and Drive open house program is set to take place at East Coast Karting, starting May 2nd. The program aspires to promote and expand interest in karting in the Maritimes, to inform the public about the incredible hidden sport that is just outside of their doorstep. The program is free of cost with mentoring from experienced racers; an opportunity of a lifetime. Then the Arrive and Drive program will also open doors to find new talent for the 2016 PSL Moncton team!

PSL Moncton, a distributor for a large portion of the racing community, has made a switch to the BirelART chassis alongside PSL Karting – another key change for future racing in the East. A noteworthy contributor in Maritime Karting, David Israel, suspects there to be interesting wheel-to-wheel racing between the chassis.

“This year will be interesting as it will be a half and half battle between the remaining CRG and the new BirelArt teams” Israel predicts “The CRG was a good kart and it came down to the support that was given along with. There will be a learning curve, but in the end the PSL group will make it a huge success for their supporters with their new partnership with BirelART.”

The PSL Moncton team is taking things to the next level, particularly for out of province races, as they recently bought a 53ft team trailer to take their drivers to the podium. The team is on a non-stop progression rail.

This season will be a breakthrough year for the East Coast, with opportunities always arising. No racer would want to miss the new events and programs that Maritime Racing has to offer. The two clubs will be equipped with versatile options for anyone looking into getting the world of racing for the 2015 season.

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