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Official Chassis Suppliers Announced for Micro & Mini Invitational at NOLA

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Official Chassis Suppliers Announced for Micro & Mini Invitational at NOLA

By: GoRotax/MaxSpeed Group

With the 2013 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals just a few months away, anticipation continues to grow for what promises to be one of the biggest and best karting events of all time. This year’s event will make history as the first time the Rotax Micro MAX and Rotax Mini MAX competitors will be part of the festivities with their own races in the Micro & Mini Invitational. And, just as their older counterparts do in the Grand Finals, the 68 Micro and Mini MAX competitors will use spec chassis for an even and level playing field. After careful consideration of submissions from multiple chassis manufacturers, we are pleased to announce that the official chassis suppliers for the inaugural Micro & Mini MAX Invitational are OK1, for Micro MAX, and Haase in Mini MAX.

For any kart chassis manufacturer, being selected as an official supplier to this event says a lot about their ability to produce quality products and, just as important, to provide top-level support at an event of this stature. Three years ago, when Haase first became involved as a chassis supplier for the 2010 Grand Finals in Italy, Jörn Haase stated that the move symbolized his company’s position as a top-line manufacturer.

GF 2013 + Haase + Mini MAX

Upon announcing their return for the 2013 event in New Orleans, Jörn had this to say about Haase’s involvement in the Micro & Mini Invitational, “All of us at Haase are pleased to continue our association with Rotax at their flagship event. For the past 3 years we have successfully supplied chassis for the DD2 Master class and this year, being involved as the official chassis supplier for all 34 Mini MAX drivers, represents our passion for the future of our sport and its young drivers. We look forward to meeting our mini champions in NOLA.”

For OK1, the decision to supply a full field of 34 Micro MAX competitors was a natural progression since their sister brand, Praga, is also supplying the DD2 field. IPKarting’s Daniel Silva had this to say about their dual involvement in the big event, “IPKarting is proud to announce that OK1 has been selected as the official Rotax Micro MAX chassis supplier for the Micro & Mini Invitational at NOLA. It’s great success considering that IPK is also going to provide 77 Praga DD2 chassis for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.”

GF 2013 + OK1 + Micro MAX

In an interesting move, IPKarting is using the Grand Finals and Micro & Mini Invitational to showcase their newest creations before they are available to the general karting public, something other chassis manufacturer’s will no doubt emulate in the future. IPK’s Daniel Silva stated, “IPK is going to prepare the newest development of chassis – model year 2014. So drivers can enjoy the latest technical development in advance. We believe that partnership between Rotax and IPK can only grow in the future and bring benefits especially to drivers.”

With OK1 and the Haase set as chassis suppliers for the inaugural Micro & Mini Invitational at NOLA in New Orleans, the event is shaping up to be one you must attend. As you read this, many Rotax Micro and Mini MAX drivers are hard at work all across North America to earn this place in this history-making event.

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