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No shortage of action at the CKN Dash for Cash

Photos by: Neelan Nadesan / CKN


No shortage of action at the CKN Dash for Cash

The Canadian Mini Indy hosted a successful CKN Dash for Cash over the weekend where race winners were able to take home a nice chunk of change. With nine classes on the docket here’s a quick rundown of the event.

Briggs Cadet

The race was mainly dominated by the PRO Racing duo of Stefano Lanzillotta and Santino Fidani. Both drivers took an early lead in the race and remained in the top positions for the majority of the final. They had their work cut out for them however as Carlo Lot and Ryker Magro were both in a chase behind them keeping within range of the leaders as leaders kept exchanging the top spot with five laps to go. The race ended with Lanzillotta making a last-lap pass to take the win on Fidani who dropped to fourth behind Magro and Lot. Unfortunately for Lanzillotta, the win didn’t stick as he received a 3-second jump-start penalty removing him from the podium and awarding the win to Magro.

ROK Shifter

Victor Smialek took a flag-to-flag win in the Shifter final after taking the holeshot into turn one ahead of Jared Ramnarayan and Michael Riccio. Riccio made a move early on Ramnarayan to gain second place in turn five on lap one. From there the finishing order was set until the end as all three drivers were within a second but Riccio and Ramnarayan weren’t able to find a way by Smialek for the win.

Briggs Junior Lite

The Briggs & Stratton Junior lite final was a battle royal between Aristeides Theodoropoulos and Jackson Morley. Theodoropoulos took the lead early in the final with Morley slotting in right behind. Both drivers worked together to create a healthy gap ahead of the trailing pack. Morley would drive a smart race making a last-lap move on Theodoropoulos to take the win. Yiannis Ilias rounded out the podium in third after qualifying pole earlier in the day.

ROK Junior

Major Makovskis took the lead on a nice outside pass on Frankie Esposito in corner one of the final followed by Caleb Campbell and Nolan Hofrichter. Esposito wasted no time getting the lead back from Makovskis on lap two. From there the only time he would lose the lead was to Hofrichter who took the lead momentarily on lap 9 in turn four but was passed right back by Esposito who held on for the win. Hofrichter would go on to finish second ahead of Makovskis, who would end up getting a jump start penalty awarding Campbell the final spot on the podium.

ROK Senior

Patrick woods Toth put on a clinic in the ROK Senior final taking a 3.8 second lead over his Prime Powerteam teammate Marco Filice. After a rough start to the final, Nolan Bower was able to work his way back to finish third.

Mini ROK

REM’s Matthew Roach took the win in the Mini ROK final ahead of Jackson Morley. Morley took the lead briefly at the opening stages of the race but it was not long-lived as Roach would make the pass for first on lap five to complete the daily sweep. Morley finished second ahead of Nicholas Lorusso, who had a race-long battle with his brother Massimo Lorusso.

Briggs Masters

The Briggs Masters final was an exciting one as Tim Salvatore, Rich Folino, Michael Nickle Christopher Mitchell and Logan Ferguson had a five-kart battle for the lead. Thegroup broke away from the rest of the field in what was an epic race-long battle. Ferguson was methodical throughout the race, managing to work his way to the lead ahead of Nickle and Folino in the closing stages. Folino tried to pass Nickle in turn three with two to go however contact between the two sent both drivers out wide. Salvatore would slot into second and Mitchell third with Ferguson taking the win. Ferguson however would lose the win after a receiving bumper penalty, awarding first to Salvatore with Mitchell and Nickle both joining him on the podium.

Briggs Junior

The Briggs Junior final was dominated by Mitchell Morrow and Jordan West. The duo battled all race long with both drivers also setting the fastest lap of the race on lap 8. Coming down to the last lap Morrow had the lead over West and with money on the line, West would go for a late move on Mitchell into turn eight. West made it stick and would cross the line first but due to the contact on the move, he was given a three-second penalty, awarding the win to Morrow. West still was able to finish second while Samuel Gow rounded out the podium position in third.

Briggs Senior

The big show of the day was the last one with $1000 dollars on the line. The race was a three-way battle between David Barnes, Jonathon Treadwell, and Jordan Prior. The trio proved why they are three of the best drivers in the class as they managed to drop the field by the halfway point making it clear one of the Prime drivers was going to take the win. Prior led the race until there were three laps to go, that’s when Treadwell and Barnes both got by going into turn five, going three-wide.

With two laps remaining Barnes took the lead in turn four over Treadwell. Barnes looked like he had the win in the bag but Treadwell ended up making a late lunge going into turn eight with the two making contact, sending Barnes off track momentarily. This brought Prior into contention and he had a drag race with Treadwell to the line, finishing just four-thousandths of a second off the win. While Treadwell won on track he received a 3-second penalty, moving him down to third and giving the win to Prior with Barnes finishing second.

All in all, it was a great day and a huge thank you goes out to Danielle Duffy and Trevor Wickens from Canadian Mini Indy for hosting a great event. Also another thank you goes out to all sponsors and racers for coming out. Hope to see everyone back at CMI next weekend for the MRFKC event.

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