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No Match for Master Marc Stehle at Cup Karts


No Match for Master Marc Stehle at Cup Karts

Pair of runner-up finishes helps Demers to the Briggs Masters title

Veteran racer Marc Stehle has won a lot of races and a lot of titles over his illustrious karting career and this weekend he added two new first-place trophies to his collection as he controlled the Briggs Masters division in his Cup Karts Canada Division debut.

Stehle is no stranger to the Cup Karts program, competing south of the border for many years and being a catalyst to a number of Canadian racers taking part in the Cup Karts Grand Nationals, but this was his first in his home country.

With 20 drivers in Masters, it was exciting up front but in both Finals, Stehle (Ricciardo Kart) managed the race how he wanted, got to the lead when he needed to and then fought off any challenge that was presented to him.

In both races, it was championship contender Mathieu Demers (BirelART) who put the pressure on in the closing laps.

Demers tried everyone on Saturday afternoon but came up only 0.075 seconds short at the finish line as the pair drag raced to the timing strip. Eric Lessard (Intrepid Kart) wound up third a little further up the road.

On Sunday, the pair welcomed Jeff Conte (Intrepid Kart) to the battle but once again it came down to a drag race to the finish line and again, the leaders were separated by less than a tenth of a second as Stehle nipped Demers by 0.093 seconds with Conte just behind.

The pair of runner-up finishes was more than enough for Demers, another driver with an impressive karting resume, to secure the Cup Karts Canada Division Masters Championship. With the title, he wins an invite to compete in the Cup Karts Grand Nationals in New Castle, Indiana later this year, which we expect to see Stehle at too.

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Masters Saturday Final Results

1Marc Stehle
2Mathieu Demers0.075
3Eric Lessard1.380
4Sal Ditta6.951
5Levon Beaudin7.081
6Troy Donaldson8.727
7Simon Pepin8.828
8Neil Bramley9.015
9Kevin May9.441
10Alexander Ambroz11.997
11Matthew Cameron12.524
12Eli Yanko16.079
13Chris Lemme18.608
14Phanat Chan19.557
15Artem Skripnik8 Laps
16Jamie MacArthur9 Laps
17Kevin BlakeDNF
18Jeff ConteDNF
19Matthew CameronDNF
20Pierpaolo PetrucciDQ

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Masters Sunday Final Results

1Marc Stehle
2Mathieu Demers0.093
3Jeff Conte0.392
4Eric Lessard0.901
5Sal Ditta5.220
6Simon Pepin7.925
7Kevin May9.458
8Eli Yanko9.549
9Jamie MacArthur9.898
10Levon Beaudin10.183
11Alexander Ambroz10.569
12Troy Donaldson16.563
13Neil Bramley18.291
14Artem Skripnik26.577
15Matthew Cameron10 laps
16Chris LemmeDNF
17Kevin BlakeDNF
18Pierpaolo PetricciDNF
19Phanat ChanDNF

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