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Nine Curious Questions Heading Into MRFKC Round 2


Nine Curious Questions Heading Into MRFKC Round 2

We got a question for each category heading into MRFKC Round Two this weekend at the Canadian Mini Indy.

We’re ready for round two of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship, taking place this weekend at the Canadian Mini Indy Karting Complex in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s been nearly a month since round one and judging by the competition at last weekends Dash for Cash, were in for a great weekend of action in the Hammer.

Trying something new, we’ve come up with a question for each category heading into the weekend. Following the race weekend, we will touch base on these questions and answer them to the best of our abilities.

Let’s start with Rok Cup Canada categories.

Rok Senior – Will the REM duo continue to control the top of the podium?

Nicholas Hornbostel and Ryan MacDermid showed off their talent at Goodwood, sweeping the race victories for Racing Edge Motorsports. They went head-to-head in both finals and each came out with a victory. Will this continue at CMI, or could we see another driver add their name into the early championship hunt, potentially Patrick Woods-Toth or Cole Hooton?

Rok Junior – Who will step up in the race for the vice-championship?

Following the Rok Cup Festival in Biloxi, it appears that Dale Curran will be awarded a ticket to the Rok Cup SuperFinal for his second place finish, given that the winner, Luca Mars, already has one. This means that the vice-champion in the MRFKC could be the one to one on their way to Italy with Curran. Rok Junior is a small class this season, but full of drivers on the brink of their big break. So who will step up in round two and put themselves in line for the ticket to Italy? We will see after this weekend.

Rok Shifter – Can the class get to ten entries?

We’re seeing a mix of shifter drivers across the region, but when it comes to big races, it’s been tough seeing around five entries. Conquer, Luik, Preston, Shearer and Poles are the consistent runners. It looks like Stefano Lucente will replace Frank Launi. That’s six, so I’m hopeful there’s four more willing to grab some gears and go all out at Hamilton.

Rok Mini – Can Launi continue where he left off at Goodwood?

We just found out that championship leader Ayden Ingratta will not be in attendance this weekend, choosing to race in the USA instead, meaning there will be a new leader after Hamilton. Joseph Launi drove brilliantly in the Sunday Final at Goodwood and were curious if he will be the one to take over control of the title chase.


There were great fields of Briggs 206 racers last year at Hamilton and it appears that will be the case again this weekend. He’s what we’re asking heading into round two.

Briggs Senior – Can McCullough sweep two weekends in a row at Hamilton?

There was some awesome racing this past weekend at Hamilton in the Dash for Cash and the HRKC club race. Coming out on top in both races was Tyler McCullough, scoring him a nice payday on Sunday. We know momentum is an advantage in Briggs Senior, so will he be able to do it again at the big show? It could really help him move up from tenth in the standings after Goodwood.

Briggs Junior – Will Savaglio remain in control?

The kid reigned terror on the Briggs Junior field at Goodwood, running up front all weekend, taking a race win and a runner-up. He leads the championship heading to Hamilton but has the likes of Jake Cowden, Steven Navratil, Callum Baxter, Marco Felice, Nicky Palladino and more to contend with. It will be exciting to see if he can continue control.

Briggs Cadet – Does DiLeo have what it takes for an unbeaten season?

Young Jordan DiLeo swept the opening rounds at his home track of Goodwood. Can he continue that pace at Hamilton? Having just watched his racing idols compete in Montreal as an F1 Grid Kid, we’re sure that motivation will have him seeking out two more victories this weekend, but it won’t be easy.

Briggs Junior Lite – Who will replace Ingratta at the top?

As mentioned above, Ayden Ingratta will not race at Hamilton this weekend, giving up the championship lead in two categories. So we’re curious who will step up and take over at the top of the charts. Ethan Donkers did very well in the Dash for Cash, but we’re not sure he will be back. Cooper Simpson will be at his home track and looks to move up from fourth in the standings. Could it be Gavin Goldie or Ethan Bound? Both drove really well at Hamilton. Only time will tell…

Briggs Masters – Is the entry fee too expensive for the Briggs Masters?

We know there is a great group of Briggs Masters racers across Ontario, however, it seems the $300.00-weekend entry fee for two days of racing and plenty of practice is too much for some. We just found out David Anderson, double-winner at Goodwood, will not race, and only 18 drivers lined up for round one at Goodwood. What needs to change in order to get back the awesome roster of Briggs Masters racers onto the track?

Haven’t registered yet? The MRFKC kindly ask those who are racing to take care of it before you arrive at the Canadian Mini Indy.

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