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New Race Winners Celebrate in Briggs Junior


New Race Winners Celebrate in Briggs Junior

Baxter crowned champion with a pair of fourth place finishes

New tracks provide new opportunities for racers and the final stop of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship at Brechin Motorsport Park was the perfect setting for a pair of racers to end their season in style and stand atop the podium for the first time in their careers.

The Briggs Junior racers absolutely put on the best show at Gamebridge with both Finals coming right down to the wire and showcasing so much more passing than most expected going into the weekend at a new track.

On Saturday, the lead pack of five racers strong was contending for victory, featuring a pair of drivers from Racing Edge Motorsports (Callum Baxter and Ryder Hare), a pair of drivers from Prime Powerteam (Mitchell Morrow and Jordan West) and a solo effort from Ben Cooper Racing (Timothe Pernod).

Baxter led the early moments until Hare passed his teammate on lap seven. He led the next ten laps while the drivers shuffled the second position almost every lap. Morrow was the first to overtake Hare for the lead on lap 19 of the 22 lap race. He held on for two laps until Baxter came knocking again, getting into the lead as the last lap board came out.

The five all scrambled around the circuit for the final tour, trying to defend their positions and move to the front at the same time.

Erupting from the final corner after getting a great run into the lead in the penultimate turn, Morrow threw his hand into the air to celebrate his first MRFKC victory after a long season of trying. Pernod was second to cross the finish line while West was a close third. Baxter slipped back to fourth after being hung on the outside with only a handful of corners left.

The Juniors upped the ante on Sunday, putting on a show that brought everyone to the fences to watch, with the crowd roaring on a number of occasions.

Over the 22 laps run, there were ten lead changes at the start/finish line, and a number more throughout each lap as these drivers really went for it.

West and Baxter led the majority of the laps, with West making passes for the lead in the back section, while Baxter came back the next lap in corner two. Pernod was knocked back to eighth on the opening lap, but he charged back forward and led on two different occasions in the middle stage of the race. The lap chart of the results tells the full story of how exciting this race was.

When the checkered flag flew and the pack exited the final corner, Jordan West was finally an MRFKC race winner after coming so close, so many times this season, and he led a Prime Powerteam 1-2-3 as Morrow and Nolan Hofrichter followed him across the finish line.

It’s worth noting as well that with all the action in the race, not one penalty was accessed as these kids kept it clean and fast.

Baxter was held off the podium for only the third time this season with a fourth-place finish, but it was more than enough to confirm him as the champion of the Briggs Junior category, his second title of the day after scoring the Rok Junior championship as well. West ended up second overall with Hofrichter third.

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