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New Race Winner in Rok Senior on Sunday


New Race Winner in Rok Senior on Sunday

Saturday win for PWT helps extend championship lead

It took four races in the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship, but we finally saw a different race winner in the Rok Senior division. Taking the Mosport Karting Centre for round two, Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic) had a flawless day of competition on Sunday to sweep all three competitive sessions, including a perfect run in the Final to pull away to victory, earning the Pfaff Senior Driver of the Day award with it.

Not to be left out, championship leader Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART) had to fight hard on Saturday in the Final to score his third win of the year and extend his championship lead.

Saturday’s Qualifying session was one of the closest we’ve witnessed, with 28 karts lining up on the grid for the weekend. The top-seven posted lap times within two-tenths of a second, led by Dale Curran (PRO/CL Kart), with the Vortex Rok engines screaming around the Mosport circuit.

The Final was a scrappy one. Curran led the early laps after taking the lead from Prefinal winner Daniel Ali (REM/Kosmic). Woods-Toth and Ryan MacDermid (REM/Kosmic) kept within close striking distance of the race leader.

Curran’s early speed wavered and by lap seven, MacDermid pounced on his opportunity to gain the lead and Woods-Toth followed him through. After four laps on top, a little nudge going into the bowl upset Macdermid enough for Woods-Toth to move into the lead and Curran also slipped by.

MacDermid was able to fire back a lap later to get back by Curran, but PWT opened up enough of a gap that no challenge for the lead was possible and he scored his third MRFKC win of the season. MacDermid held on for second, but Curran’s pace was off and Daniel Ali, Adam Ali and Andrew Maciel (VSR/TonyKart) found their way by each lap before the finish.

MRFKC2 Rok Senior Saturday Final Results

1Patrick Woods-Toth
2Ryan MacDermid0.304
3Daniel Ali1.707
4Adam Ali1.872
5Andrew Maciel4.275
6Kai Dalziel4.541
7Robert Soroka4.607
8Daniel Fellows5.108
9Cole Hooton5.479
10Dale Curran5.815
11Marco Filice6.453
12Matte Ferrari12.877
13Gianluca Savaglio13.333
14Lorenzo Morsillo13.828
15Mathieu Cousineau14.246
16Cruz Formusa14.522
17Laurent Legault15.686
18Connor Pritiko16.166
19Matthew Miles16.432
20Jacob Miles16.441
21Brady Clapham18.413
22Lucas Pernod19.067
23Joe Crupi23.017
24Owyn Thomas24.027
25Matthew DeMarinis29.572
26Taqfiq Najjar30.255
27Rayden Persaud2 laps
28Justin Spence14 laps

From the pole position, Adam Ali led every lap of the PreFinal with Woods-Toth in chase. MacDermid moved forward from sixth on the grid to get into third, while a great Qualifying effort from Gianluca Savaglio (PRO/CL Kart) that had him start on the front row, turned into a fourth-place finish.

MacDermid helped push Ali into the lead at the start of the Final with Woods-Toth slotting in before. The trio quickly began to pull away from the rest, with plenty of action happening in corner three in the back half of the grid, ending the races early for a few drivers.

The front five remained relatively unchanged until the halfway mark. As Ali began to pull away with the lead, Woods-Toth took his shot at MacDermid in the hairpin with a deep braking pass. He stuck the apex and defended back up the hill, but this allowed Ali to open up even more of a lead. Behind, Daniel Ali worked his way by Cole Hooton (Prime/BirelART) for fourth.

Keeping a two-second gap to the finish, Ali celebrated his first MRFKC Rok Senior win on Sunday over Woods-Toth and MacDermid, while Daniel Ali and Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed) completed the top-five after some fireworks on the final laps.

Talking to CKN after his big win, Adam Ali had a hard time putting it into words when the race finished.

“Usually I say something to myself in the kart after celebrating, but it wasn’t until I got to the team in the pits that it hit me. It feels amazing. I have won many Briggs races before but winning such a large race in Rok, with such a competitive field was a huge achievement for me and the team!”

The MRFKC is off for almost a month until round three at Innisfil, as racers gear up for the Canadian Karting Championships at Mosport in two weeks’ time.

MRFKC2 Rok Senior Sunday Final Results

1Adam Ali
2Patrick Woods-Toth2.098
3Ryan MacDermid2.967
4Daniel Ali4.327
5Robert Soroka6.845
6Gianluca Savaglio12.184
7Cole Hooton14.154
8Kai Dalziel14.559
9Connor Pritiko14.655
10Lorenzo Morsillo16.490
11Cruz Formusa16.949
12Marco Filice17.201
13Brady Clapham18.796
14Andrew Maciel19.653
15Matthew Miles19.875
16Jacob Miles20.259
17Lucas Pernod27.996
18Justin Spence38.132
19Raydon Persaud38.656
20Mathieu Cousineau6 laps
21Tawfiq Najjar7 laps
22Dale Curran11 laps
23Matte Ferrari13 laps
24Daniel Fellows14 laps
25Matthew DeMarinis14 laps
26Owyn Thomas16 laps
27Laurent Legault16 laps
28Joe Crupi16 laps

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