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New Products Available from PSL Karting

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New Products Available from PSL Karting

Team PSL Karting of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec have always had a great professional presence at every track and event they attend. Starting with their team truck and trailer to the team tent and inside atmosphere, PSL Karting is always putting on a great display.

Most recently, the team has acquired and released new official team gear. Working with team apparel supplier ORG, PSL first created a new line of team race suits before building a product line to go with them.

“Dominic and I spent loads of effort working on simple, clean product designs, even spending time at ORG’s head office in Hong Kong to ensure the clothing was just right,” explains Andrew Campbell, Team PSL Karting Manager. “ORG and PSL together make a pretty good team for designing PSL/CRG team gear; it helps that both parties are very enthusiastic in striving for perfection.”

Team PSL/CRG Roller Bag from ORG

Team PSL/CRG Roller Bag from ORG

Away from the team in North America, the Team PSL apparel has been seen around the world with CRG drivers around the world supporting the products, including some factory drivers.

Aside from team suits, PSL Karting now offers the following products for sale:

  • Team PSL/CRG Fleece
  • Team PSL/CRG Backpack
  • Team PSL/CRG Shorts
  • Team PSL/CRG Cap
  • Team PSL/CRG Roller Bag
  • Team PSL/CRG Work Apron
  • Team PSL/CRG Key Strap
  • Team PSL/CRG Polo Shirt
Team PSL Sweater

Team PSL/CRG Fleece

“We are fully aware how important image is for a driver, and also for the team/crew.  It brings the team together, and forms a more concrete bond amongst the drivers, mechanics, sponsors and parents,” continues Campbell.

“We are excited to offer our PSL/CRG brand to the public and hope they enjoy it as much as we did designing it!”

For more information about the Team PSL/CRG products and to order online, be sure to visit the PSL Karting website.

Team PSL apparel on display in Florida (Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

Team PSL apparel on display in Florida
(Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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