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New National Number Sequences for 2018

There will be no more numbers in 900's this year, as ASN Canada has streamlined the National number sequences for 2018.

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New National Number Sequences for 2018

For those that haven’t purchased their 2018 ASN Canada National Karting licenses, there is a new set of number sequences being used this year for all classes. These numbers will be used predominantly at the ASN Canadian Karting Championships, but also in the new Ron Fellows National Championship and most likely, we will see these numbers used by most racers at Canadian competitions all year long. There is a good chance these numbers will be used at the Canadian Open Rotax event in Mont-Tremblant as well.

In years past, we have seen numbers from 0 up to the 900’s but ASN Canada has wisely streamlined the numbers, keeping the numbers a little lower, but also allowed drivers who race in multiple classes the option of using the same number in both.

Here is how the National numbers will be used in the Briggs & Stratton classes this year:

Briggs Cadet – 2-99
Briggs Junior Lite – 102-199
Briggs Junior – 202-299
Briggs Senior – 302-399
Briggs Masters – 402-499

A similar sequence will be used for drivers in the Vortex Rok Cup and Rotax Max classes:

Mini – 102-199
Junior – 202-299
Senior – 302-399
Masters – 402-499
Rok Shifter/Rok Shifter Masters – 502-599
Rotax DD2/DD2 Masters – 602-699

Although we haven’t seen ASN Canada use the National #1 in years past, these number sequences do not allow a driver to select the number 1 in any category, leaving the option for a potential defending national champion to run the lowest number possible in their respective category. Honestly, we’d love to see it!

If you haven’t yet acquired your ASN National Kart license, visit and fill out the National Karting License Application form and follow the instructions from there.

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