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Nationals Preview: Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior


Nationals Preview: Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior

For Canadian kart racers there is no bigger week on the schedule than the ASN Canadian National Karting Championships and that week is finally here! Racers from across Canada are making their way to Mosport Kartways near Bowmanville, Ontario to compete for Canada’s ultimate title and the glory of being a National Champion. The week long event on the tricky 1.2KM track will be a true test in all categories where high speeds, deep braking zones and plenty of passing will keep drivers on their toes.

The event officially kicks off on Friday with Pfaff SuperPole Qualifying. From there drivers will race in two heat races and a PreFinal before returning on Sunday to compete in the Canadian Championship Finals. It’s going to be an exciting week and for those who cannot attend, stay tuned to CKN all week long for full event coverage!

Official Event Page | Live Timing

To kickoff our coverage of Canada’s premier event, we will break down all ten classes competing this weekend, noting some of the favourites, dark horses and special appearances.

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior (Sponsored by: Le Circuit Quyon)

Defending Canadian Champion: Jean-Francois Lafontaine (Competing)

Over the past four years the Briggs & Stratton Senior category has both shocked and impressed us with massive grids, incredible talent and unpredictable results. Drivers from all racing disciplines have entered their names into the ring with intentions to become Canadian Champion in Canada’s current most popular category, but for the past two years no driver has been able to replace Jean-Francois Lafontaine from the top of the podium.

With an already impressive Pre-Entry list of drivers to choose from we really don’t know where to start with so many drivers showing the ability to race up front and chase the podium throughout the year so far. The likes of Kyle Herder, Jon Treadwell and Kyle Edgar along with Lafontaine all have big wins this season already in ECKC competition while Alex Murphy, Simon Belanger, Charlotte Lalonde, Pearce Herder, Zach Boam, Michael de la Plante, Michael Glaze, and Kevin King has all been in contention. Gerald Caseley has arrived from the east coast to throw his name in the hat as well and Darryl Timmers is back hoping to stand on the National podium again in another one-off appearance.

There is so much potential already entered in the category that we have acquired the predictions of six CKN panelists to give our best averages for a selection of drivers. Having some fun, here is how the predictions ranked. Reminder, these are just for fun, however you may submit your top-10 using the comments below.

Driver Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Pick 6 Average
Kyle Herder 1 3 4 1 3 1 2.6
Jean-Francois Lafontaine 3 1 3 3 1 3 2.8
Kyle Edgar 4 4 2 4 4 4 4.4
Jon Treadwell 5 9 1 2 6 2 5
Simon Belanger 8 5 7 11 2 6 7.8
Darryl Timmers 11 6 5 5 5 11 8.6
Pearce Herder 2 7 11 6 9 8 8.6
Gerald Caseley 11 2 8 9 8 11 9.8
Kevin King 11 8 11 7 7 7 10.2
Michael Glaze 11 11 6 11 11 5 11
Alexandre Murphy 7 10 11 8 11 10 11.4
Charlotte Lalonde 9 11 9 11 10 9 11.8
Michael Forget 6 11 11 11 11 11 12.2
Michael de la Plante 11 11 10 10 11 11 12.8
Mike Smith 10 11 11 11 11 11 13

**Drivers not selected in a panelists top-10 received a point score of 11.

It is very interesting to see that our panelists have all selected Kyle Herder to do well this week with him narrowly edging out Lafontaine for the lowest average. Kyle Edgar has proven he can run with the leaders with all but one selecting him finish fourth, while Jon Treadwell received one nod to win and in the final driver to receive a pick by all six panelists, a feat only reserved for the top-four.

Behind, Simon Belanger, Darryl Timmers, Pearce Herder, and Gerald Caseley managed averages below 10.

Unofficial Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior Entry List:

Number Name Province Chassis
701 Jean Francois Lafontaine QC BirelART
702 Tyler Paquette ON BirelART
703 Dylan Brady ON Awesome Kart
708 Alexandre Murphy ON CRG
709 Hunter Gibson ON Maranello
711 Nathan Gilbert QC
714 Tom Cadieux QC Intrepid
717 Charlotte Lalonde ON Margay
718 Micheal Forget ON Margay
719 Jacob Lowe ON
722 Ryan Mohan ON Praga
723 Christopher Proietto ON Intrepid
724 David Miller ON FA Kart
725 Michael Yanko ON FA Kart
728 Brett Miller NB BirelART
731 Pearce Herder ON Awesome Kart
733 Kyle Herder ON Awesome Kart
734 Michael Glaze ON BirelART
735 Richard Schumacher QC TonyKart
736 William Gosselin QC
740 Michael De La Plante ON Ricciardo Kart
741 Kevin King QC BirelART
744 Vincent Cyr QC BirelART
746 Tyler Bouillon ON CRG
747 Kyle Edgar ON BirelART
766 Jonathon Treadwell ON K&K Kart
772 Ryan Kimber ON Maranello
773 Zach Boam ON GP Kart
774 Chad Campbell ON GP Kart
776 Gerald Caseley NB BirelART
781 Simon Jobin QC BirelART
786 Jamie Hynes ON Margay
788 Jason Abram ON BirelART
789 Matthew Abram ON CMP
790 Jordan Latimer ON K&K Kart
791 Ryan Brutzki ON BirelART
794 Sean McPhee ON BirelART
796 Darryl Timmers ON Intrepid
799 Simon Belanger QC FA Kart

Stay tuned to all week for full coverage of the 2015 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships.

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