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MRFKC Preview – Briggs Classes Looking Competitive as Usual

Photo by: Mosport Karting Centre


MRFKC Preview – Briggs Classes Looking Competitive as Usual

Yesterday, we took a look at the entrants of the Rok Cup classes for the opening round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship, taking place this weekend at the Mosport Karting Centre. Today, we’ve gotten our hands on the list of drivers competing this weekend in the Briggs & Stratton 206 divisions and as expected, the competition is looking pretty steady again.

The numbers have fallen off a small bit from last season, but the influx of Rok Cup competitors shows us that many racers are progressing up to the faster divisions, and that is not a bad thing. Regardless, most of Canada’s best four-cycle racers are still in attendance this weekend looking to get their MRFKC seasons off to a solid start and we’re ready for it.

Four of the five champions from last season are back in action but only Jordan Prior (Briggs Senior) and Ian MacIntyre (Briggs Masters) will be looking to defend the titles in their respective classes as both Keaton Pipe (Briggs Cadet) and Sebastian Day (Briggs Junior Lite) have moved up a division over the off-season.

As of writing, there are 80 entries in the Briggs divisions, led by the Briggs Senior division with 25.

So let’s have a look at who’s racing this weekend at Mosport.

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Briggs Senior – 25 Entries

All of the top-five finishers in last year’s Briggs Senior championship are back this season and Jordan Prior (BirelART) will have his hands full trying to defend the title. We know that Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart), Logan Ploder (CL Kart), Jon Treadwell (BirelART) and David Barnes (BirelART) are more than capable of pulling off big wins this season, it will just be a matter of who can go without any major mistakes of adversities.

Other drivers to keep an eye on that we regularly see on or near the podium include Alex Murphy (CL Kart), Brennan Taylor (Awesome Kart), Ari Korkodilos (Kosmic Kart) and Steven Navratil (Awesome Kart).

Moving up from Juniors and hoping to leave an early impression are Ayden Ingratta (Exprit Kart), Logan Pacza (BirelART), Michael Ing (Awesome Kart) and Christian Savaglio (TonyKart). These kids were all on the Junior podiums last season and could just surprise some of the veteran Seniors this weekend.

All in all, there may not be over 30 like we regularly see but Briggs Senior rarely fails to disappoint and these stars will be exciting to watch each time they hit the track.

302David BarnesBirelART
321Anthony BosciaBirelART
358Kaitlyn FreierCL Kart
385Tyler FreierCL Kart
315Parker GillCL Kart
312Maddox HeacockAwesome Kart
338Michael IngAwesome Kart
305Ayden IngrattaExprit
348Ari KorkodilosKosmic
343Ben LeinweberKosmic
310Mackenzie MatthewsAwesome Kart
308Alex MurphyCL Kart
318Steven NavratilAwesome Kart
328Logan PloderCL Kart
316Logan PaczaBirelART
389Jordan PriorBirelART
356Dylan RenyCL Kart
396Christian SavaglioTonyKart
372Brad ShimbashiCL Kart
350Brennan TaylorAwesome Kart
366Jon TreadwellBirelART
344Jeremy VaillancourtBirelART
326Ethan WatersAwesome Kart
399Scotty WatkinsTonyKart
365Matthew White

Briggs Junior – 18 Entries

The loss of last year’s Champion Callum Baxter, as well as race winners Logan Pacza and Ayden Ingratta, has opened up the doors for a new champion this season in Briggs Junior.

Prime Powerteam duo Jordan West (BirelART) and Mitchell Morrow (BirelART) capped off their MRFKC seasons last year with wins at Brechin and that puts them as early candidates for the championship, but we see a handful of drivers all capable of taking home a win or two this season.

Gavin Goldie (Rosso Corsa) has been very fast just about every time he hits the track. Sebastian Day (CL Kart) arrives from Junior Lite looking to prove his championship last year was no fluke. Branco Juverdianu (BirelART) showed his potential at the end of last season too. Muskaan Sattaur (Exprit), Logan McMurray (CL Kart) and Joey Lecce (BirelART) have all shown great pace at the club races early on this season.

All of this leaves us guessing who might come out on top this weekend and who we may have missed that could surprise us.

Early indications are that the Briggs Junior Lite drivers will race with the Juniors this weekend as only five have entered so far. Ethan Chan (BirelART) and Keaton Pipe (TonyKart) are two names were pretty familiar with from Briggs Cadet a year ago, while new to the pack are Theodoropoulos Aristeides (BirelART), Joshua Soumvalis and Will McCallum.

211Carson BartlettTonyKart
210Sebastian DayCL Kart
280Nicholas FolinoBirelART
281Gavin GoldieRosso Corsa
233Samual GowBirelART
291Ryder HareKosmic Kart
267Jaden HarryTonyKart
206Liam HofrichterBirelART
244Branco JuverdianuBirelART
237Joey LecceBirelART
227Sebastian MatthewsTonyKart
277Logan McMurrayCL Kart
266Mitchell MorrowBirelART
209Jackson PearsallBirelART
204Muskaan SattaurExprit Kart
229Madelyn SnowCL Kart
258Sloan SterlingCL Kart
268Jordan WestBirelART
– – – – – –
132Ethan ChanBirelART
134Will McCallumExprit Kart
125Keaton PipeTonyKart
102Joshua Soumvalis
121Aristeides TheodoropoulosBirelART

Briggs Masters – 13 Entries

The dedication from this group of Masters drivers is amazing as they guys just keep coming back year after year, chasing podiums and back pain, but what an accomplished group of racers it is.

Ian MacIntyre (CL Kart) returns as defending champion but it’s not going to be easy to repeat. Marco Stehle (Ricciardo Kart), Eli Yanko (TonyKart), Levon Beaudin (Ricciardo Kart), Rich Folino (BirelART), Greg Scollard (TonyKart) and Stephen Goebel (CL Kart) have all won big races over the past few seasons and are all championship threats.

We also gotta mention Jason Abrams (Kosmic) who is back in competitive karting after nearly 15 years away, albeit scoring a number of ‘Arrive and Drive’ championships over the past few seasons. He should fit in nicely.

It looks like the new Briggs Senior Heavy division will race at the same time as the Masters this weekend as currently only 7 drivers are entered.

Jon Treadwell, Jordan Prior and Alex Murphy will pull double duty, while Logan Ferguson, Patrick Lelievre, Christopher Mitchell and Jason Rothman will have their hands full competing against these champions at the heavier weight.

427Jason AbramsKosmic Kart
490Levon BeaudinRicciardo Kart
477Peter CourteauTonyKart
433Damian D’Ornellas
480Rich FolinoBirelART
422Stephen GoebelCL Kart
417Andrew Knox
409Steve LyonsBirelART
498Ian MacIntyreCL Kart
489Greg ScollardTonyKart
496Dan SkiltonCL Kart
434Marc StehleRicciardo Kart
470Eli YankoTonyKart
– – – – – –
569Logan FergusonBirelART
538Patrick LelievreBirelART
594Christopher MitchellBirelART
308Alex MurphyCL Kart
389Jordan PriorBirelART
542Jason Rothman
566Jon TreadwellBirelART

Briggs Cadet – 12 Entries

It’s a great sign to see a number of fresh faces in the Briggs Cadet division this weekend as the entry-level class continues to build momentum.

We’re not really sure who to keep an eye on this weekend as many of these drivers are in their first and second year of competitive karting.

So we will watch closely this weekend to see who stands out from the pack and drives home the early season victories in the youngest division of racers to hit the track.

4Hudson UrlinIntrepid Kart
8Blake Fregeau
11Marley Chaudhary
12Ivan Chernyshov
13Christian DamianidisKosmic Kart
18Leo Da SilvaTonyKart
21Kaeleb Pinho
28Rhys MagroCL Kart
51Kingston Gadoury
86Santino FidaniCL Kart
97Ryker MagroCL Kart
98Domenico CrupiTonyKart

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