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MRFKC Briggs Report: Very Challenging Conditions for MRFKC3 at Mosport – Part 1


MRFKC Briggs Report: Very Challenging Conditions for MRFKC3 at Mosport – Part 1

The MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship crossed the halfway point on Saturday as round three took the track at Mosport Kartways. Hosted on the same weekend as the popular Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, karting was on display to the large crowd of motorsport hungry race fans on hand and with a full day of racing on tap, there was no shortage of excitement.

Just like the year prior, the first stop for the MRFKC of the summer at Mosport Kartways was under extremely hot and humid conditions. To stay hydrated and prepared for the races, the entire paddock was consuming bottles of water and Gatorade like beer at a frat party and we’re happy to report there were no incidents of dehydration this time around. With the extreme heat came extreme competition, as the double-final race format meant plenty of track time and racing and a late finish to the day’s activity.

Briggs Junior – Savaglio steers to Pfaff High Performer Award with pair of victories

Racing with some new colours and on a new kart this weekend, Gianluca Savaglio (REM/Kosmic) made it count. He was able to steer himself to two victories in Briggs Junior, along with the race win he scored in Rok Junior, to earn the Pfaff Motorsports Junior High Performer Award.

In Final 1, Savaglio had some help from his new teammate Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic). The duo, along with Hamilton winner Marco Filice (Prime/BirelART) jumped out to an early lead, while the group behind scattered the track exchanging positions. Ali stuck tight to the rear bumper of Savaglio and was able to break the draft on Filice and pull away, leaving him to fend off the chasing pack.

As the laps ticked off, Ali remained on the rear bumper and although Savaglio presented a few opportunities for him to overtake, he didn’t risk it and drove home a REM 1-2. Filice barely held on to cross the finish line in the third spot and was elevated to second after the race as Ali was accessed a 1-position penalty for jumping the start. Zain Ikram (KGR/Exprit), the other race winner at Hamilton, drove home the fourth spot followed by Logan Pacza (Prime/BirelART).

Savaglio completes a pass on Ali for the lead in Final 2 (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

In Final 2 it was the same trio that jumped out to the early lead, but this time it was Ali in charge after lap one. Filice once again had a hard time staying with the leaders and slipped back after a couple of laps and this time the pack caught up to him mid-race.

Savaglio chose to overtake for the lead early, going to the point on lap three and the duo settled in until two laps to go. Ali was hungrier in this race and he made a pass in the hairpin for the lead. Savaglio fought back and retook the lead entering the final chicane to ensure he remained up front crossing the finish line and that paid dividends. After receiving the last lap board, the two were going wheel-to-wheel for the lead when the red flag flew for an accident deep in the field near the final corner.

That would mean the race was over and going back to the last completed lap, Savaglio was out front and deemed the winner. Ali remained in second this time to wrap up a great weekend for him, while Steven Navratil (Karts & Parts/Awesome Kart) had an awesome drive to overtake Filice and grab the final step of the podium. Filice was fourth and Nicky Palladino (REM/Kosmic) completed the top-five.

Briggs Junior Lite – Ingratta marks his returns to the series with daily-double

In another valid effort for Pfaff Junior Performer of the Day, Ayden Ingratta (AI/Ricciardo Kart) swept both Finals in Briggs Junior Lite. It wasn’t easy for the young driver from Leamington, as he had to battle his way forward in both Finals after tough starts.

Final 1 saw Ingratta start fourth and quickly get to second, overtaking Ethan Bound (TonyKart) and Quinton Murdoch (TonyKart) on lap one. He then set his sights on race leader Gavin Goldie (TonyKart), who was well in charge. By halfway Ingratta had caught the leader and he wasted no time getting to the lead, making his move on the same lap in the hairpin.

For the leaders, it was smooth sailing from there. Ingratta increased his lead enough that he did not need to defend on the final lap, while Goldie could only watch as his competitor took the win. Bound ended in third place after Hunter Twyman (Awesome Kart) was penalized one spot for blocking by the officials.

Ayden Ingratta getting some air while making a pass. (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

A tough start in Final 2 saw Ingratta fall back many spots as the group of Junior Lites raced up the hill. Goldie was once again the leader, followed again by Bound and Murdoch. Some slicing and dicing before the first lap was complete, saw Ingratta rebound to fifth before the opening lap was complete and again, he put his head down.

He snuck by both Murdoch and Caden Drummond (VSR/TonyKart) down the hill heading to corner five on lap two and then moved by Bound a lap later. Once again at the halfway mark he was on the heels of Goldie and went to the lead.

This time, Goldie stayed very close to the leader and even tried a pass in the hairpin, but he overran the apex and Ingratta pulled off the over-under. That was the final opportunity and while Goldie had a great run off the final corner, it wasn’t enough and Ingratta celebrated his second win of the day. Bound held on to third, just holding off Scotty Watkins (Top Kart) and Elias McKenzie (PRO/Intrepid) in a drag race to the finish line.

After a small turnout at Hamilton, it was great to see Junior Lite back into double-digits at Mosport, with 17 drivers taking the green flag.

Briggs Cadet – Di Leo and Henckel push each other to the limits

The pair of Jordan Di Leo (Goodwood/Intrepid) and Ashton Henckel (Prime/BirelART) resumed their on-track battle at Mosport and were joined at the front by Ryan Maxwell (Energy Corse/Energy Kart).

Final 1 featured Di Leo and Henckel discharge Maxwell from the early lead and then pull away from him while trading the lead back and forth at the same time. It would all come down to the final lap where Di Leo dove to the inside of turn five. He went a little wide and Henckel slipped up the inside and gained the advantage going up the hill towards the tight turn six. Di Leo kept his foot into it and bounced over the curb as the two karts tried to navigate the corner side-by-side. It didn’t work and the end result was Henckel’s kart flipping and Di Leo running wide into the grass.

The race was Maxwell’s to be won until the red flag flew, ending the race early and sending the finishing order back to the last completed lap. This meant Di Leo was scored the winner, Henckel second and Caleb Campbell (Prime/BirelART) third, as Maxwell would be accessed a penalty for jumping the start.

Ashton Henckel and Jordan Di Leo (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Back on track a few hours, Henckel shook off the dust and destined to finish what he started. Once again, it was Di Leo and Henckel leading the way and trading the top spot all race long. It came down to the final lap, but this time there was no big accident. Henckel held on for the entire final lap, even as Di Leo saw an opening and went for it in the final corner. He couldn’t make it stick and Henckel crossed the finish line first, Di Leo second and Maxwell third.

However, Henckel was delivered a penalty by the officials for jumping the start and surrendered the race win to Di Leo.

This battle is far from over we’re excited to see some more great racing from this trio and the rest of the Briggs Cadets throughout the summer at Mosport.

All in all, there were eleven hours of on-track activity and everyone from the corner workers to the trackside officials to the competitors is commended for helping keep the schedule rolling and ensuring the racing was complete before the sun finally set.

Round four of the MRFKC returns to Mosport Kartways on July 27-28.

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