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Monaco de Trois-Rivières announces big prize for the winner of the DD2 class!

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Monaco de Trois-Rivières announces big prize for the winner of the DD2 class!

Le-Monaco-logoThe Monaco de Trois-Rivières organizing committee is pleased to partner with the GP3R (Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières) and Elitech Sport Evasio to present the winner of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship ROTAX MAX DD2 final race on Sunday August 4, with a race in the GP3R Sportsman racing series on August 9-11, 2013.

The lucky winner will participate in the Sportsman race through “Le Duel Prof-Élève or Teacher-Student Duel” powered by Elitech BRP Rotax.

The winner will have the chance to benefit of a few days of training and testing on the ICAR circuit, with none other than Marc-Antoine Camirand.

Thereafter, the teacher and the student will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the first race (out of two races) in the Sportsman class, Friday, August 9 on the circuit GP3R.

“This is an amazing opportunity, which is offered to the winner of the DD2 class. It is a great reward and will serve as an incentive for the racers to try their hardest during the race. This does nothing but add more intensity to Sunday’s race!” says Pierre Simard, director of the Monaco de Trois-Rivières.

For more details on the weekend schedule, visit

Le Monaco de Trois-Rivières activities will be held this year August 1-4 on the site of GP3R.

Many more details will be released at an upcoming press event. Admission and parking are free.

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