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Molecule Labs to Produce Hand Sanitizer

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Molecule Labs to Produce Hand Sanitizer

Pivoting to manufacture critical supplies in the current Covid-19 pandemic, Molecule will begin producing and offering Hand Sanitizer in accordance with the FDA request for topical product during the public health emergency.

“We’ve been monitoring the situation closely since mid-February. We were able to take quick action when the FDA guidelines were released to produce a hand sanitizer to meet the requirements they set forth,” explained Molecule President, Frank Bain. “We finalized the formulation and will be going into production straight away.”

The company, who specializes in cleaning performance apparel and equipment of all types, will be repurposing raw materials and packaging to meet the need. Molecule Hand Sanitizer will be available in 4oz and 1gallon sizes.

“We’re adding this into our current product line up, so we’re empowering our entire sales network, including our 500+ dealers, to be able to distribute the product quickly. We take clean very seriously and we’ve been at this for a long time. Just glad that we could be nimble enough to support the need.”

The Molecule Hand Sanitizer will be formulated to an 80% alcohol content with additional skin-friendly ingredients. Product will be shipping as early as April 1, 2020.

Molecule – based in San Clemente, California, provides hi-performance cleaners and protection for athletes and tactical professionals. Founded as a solution for motorsports technical fabric care, Molecule provides premium solutions for athlete’s equipment including performance apparel, protective equipment and vehicles.

This product is available from Molecule Canada and The Race Lab, with shipping expected in the coming days. To order, visit

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